Monolorhino (File 23 artistic concept)

These are dinosaur teasers that I wish they would make it to JWTG!

The long-awaited creature is here!
The first Cenozoic super hybrid in JWTG history!
I hope you like it because it was a pain to create it!
Welcome to the Monolorhino!


Super hybrid: Monolometrodon + Wolly Rhino S-DNA

Wolly Rhino S-DNA

S-DNA cost: 1750
Here are the statistics:

Level 10

Health: 4603
Damage: 2508
Ferocity: 12629

Level 20

Health: 6264
Damage: 3404
Ferocity: 17157

Level 30

Health: 8050
Damage: 4249
Ferocity: 21647

Level 40

Health: 9681
Damage: 5152
Ferocity: 26167


It was the hardest stats ever!
I managed to do it a little weaker than the Indoraptor but stronger than all the Tournament legendaries (including Dilophoboa)!
Let’s say he is the strongest Cenozoic ever!
Although the Wolly Rhino is Snow I decided to make this hybrid Savannah, because I would say that the Snow has too many hybrids and all the rhinos (except the Wolly Rhino because it has fur) are Savannah!
I hope you like it because he is a very beautiful creature!

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Which dinosaur do you want me to come out?
  • Purussaurus
  • Moschops
  • Arctops

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it could be better if it was a snow

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The Snow already has Mammotherium and Smithetoceras!

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no mammotherium is a savannah

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Purussaurus will win tomorrow!

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I wonder if we could get thylacotator. But we would need a super rare suchomimus gen 2 and irritator gen 2 for this. Maybe suchomimus gen 2 having the jwa moddel

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