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Monolorhino good?

It seems a lot of top teams are using her. But her moves seem so … meuh.
What am I missing and how should I use her?
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High damage and swap in stun strike, shields for stall and DI for damage in a pinch


But it’s especially after the swap in that my struggle begins. Almost everything can nullify or break my shields?

That’s what CS is for, but a lot of things that break shields in this meta can’t Decel and vice versa. So you just need tkk I’m consider your opponent, you also have Taunting Shields in your side

Dude, Monolemetrodon is much better. Just cram a few boosts into it and level it up and you will be able to take down Trykosaurus and Ardentismaxima.

It can’t beat Maxima, just Tryko

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I crush Maxima all the time. Its no big deal

Monolo is lvl 30 pretty well boosted, but thnx, that wasn’t the question…

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  • Monlemetrodon
  • Monolorhino

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It was annoying the few times I fought it, but it’s as situational as Draco or Dracocerato. Only good in VERY specific situations.

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You’re probably more boosted. On equal levels and boosts monolo always loses.

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I thought monolorhino was very good on the tournament.

My mono is level 20. Im crushing level 25 - 27 maximas in the arena. I have only applied 5 boosts to health, attack, and speed

Then It isn’t 1v1ing them

No, its just maxima sucks

Only in specific situations. Draco/Dracocerato can be good for savaging tanks like Max or Gemini, but struggle against heavily armored tanks like Tryko and Lania, and rend resistance. Monolorhino is more of one you want to swap into in a bad matchup, but needs a lot of boosts to take out those with high health, and even then only takes out a bit.

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Lol, make the calcs yourself then

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Mono can beat tryko on even grounds but that’s it, Max wrecks it

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I’d take rhino cause Mono is still diet Magna, while rhino has swap utility

To be fair, Monolo takes out more from max than 90% of the roster.