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Monolorhino good?

I agree. I wonder though, if Maxima, Tryko, Magna, and Dio are the top 4, who number 5? I was thinking probably Quetzorion or perhaps Monolorhino itself.

lol just asked that :joy:


I read minds


Clearly you do :joy:

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Orion just suffers from resilient same with rhino since it can be slowed, distracted and over all it won’t last long. Gemini I found is still very good, tenato can also do serious damage and can one shot many things with rampage alone and it can heal, vexus is also very versatile with swap in and swap out wound, but Orion is still a very good competitor especially with nullifying counter

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Yeah, it does. Although it’s long Invincibility helps it fare better than most cunning dinos since most resilients don’t have shield break (besides the obvious two)

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Yeah that assessment makes sense to me

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My problem with rhino is unlike other swappers it’s gonna be stuck for two turns meaning the next or current creature if not stunned or not dead can probably or surely will finish it off and rhino doesn’t really have much to fear

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Plus the stun can fail and then rhino just gets bodied or seriously injured

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Because I beat a level 25 Max with a barely boosted Monolemetrodon

Gem is barely top 10, it took one hit too many. Most people in my area are dropping theirs like hot potatoes and there aren’t that many on the leaderboard.

Tenonto is good but suffers from being slowable.

Orion gets murked by resilient dinos too badly and the only reason Vexus is as viable as it is is because of Max and Tryko being nearly unkillable solo. Didn’t do too stellar in the tournament either.

Monolorhino is Monostego last patch, with great resistances, the ability to stay in and do damage on its own, higher damage, and the ability to switch in and out multiple times. I don’t think its a stretch to say its top 5 material.

Gemini is diet Maxima. It has a very similar moveset. The biggest move difference is TSR vs Definite shield advantage. Both have their advantages. TSR is more raw damage, but DSA removes dodge and puts up your own shield. As far as stats and resistances, Maxima does slightly outshine Gemini, but this is what makes Gemini “diet”. Definitely not as good, but still quite good.

Tenonto has amazing attack. It can be slowed, but then again so can other top 10 dinos. And it has resilient strike, so it can slow down other stuff and cleanse distraction. Definitely worth a spot.

Orion can be slowed, but that’s really the only way to stop it. It has so many tools, with long Invincibility and sidestep, it can stall for a long time and often win. And it automatically nullifies most positive effects. A surprisingly versatile dino.

Vexus is used as a counter to Tryko and Maxima, but as the centers of the meta right now, having a good marchup against them shouldn’t count against how strong it is.

I also agree that Monolorhino has lots of versatility too though, and I personally would count it among all the others. Any of them could be the 5th best dino, depending on the situation.

Ya basically everything that @Mudkipz said i was gonna answer. But rhino is they most dependent on the situation only rivaled by Orion

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But in terms of being top five there are many creatures that can take that spot just depends on the situation. But the best candidates for me are Gemini, tentao, and vexus for sure

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I bet it wasn’t a 1v1, or the Max is just acting plain stupid like using II on a Fierce Rampage or just spamming Strikes.