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Monolorhino is more busted now than ever

I seriously can’t believe that this thing was left untouched. It is completely immune to vulnerable, can’t be slowed because of resilient nerfs, can swap in on vulnerables, and now it can swap out whenever it wants.



Almost like changing deceleration to vulnerability for resilient attacks was a bad idea that wasn’t thought through


Also Hadros lux one shots cunnings with the vulnerable counter attack. The best resilient counters cunning harder now than ever


Waiting for people to come in and tell us how it’s perfectly fine and not kinda broken when all I’m asking for is a removal of it’s Rend resistance so it will at least have a few reliable counters.


Even if it lost rend resistance it still has armor.


Yeah but Rending attacks bypass that.

It’s fine having armor, but it shouldn’t have Armor and Shields and DoT and Rend resistance. Removing the Rend resistance entirely negates the need to remove Shields and/Armor while still making it easier to deal with.


MonoRAT has Rend Resistance though. :roll_eyes:

Edit: nvm, I see you know this. Lol


Resilients weren’t even that bad. Pretty sure this makes it worse. And still the same as usual arena. Swap in magnus and mrhino except now coupled with vulnerability lol.


It’s the attack that make them OP. Deceleration wasn’t even a problem to begin with…


Has everybody learned their lesson about saying “nerf X” yet? Give it thought and make specific suggestions or this is what we get.


I’ve already had a swap-in dino that caused 3400 damage. We’re getting eerily close to the swap-in DSR days again…

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I usually don’t say nerf anything. Things need buffs though. But I do think swapping damage needs to be remade. It controls this game heavily. Imo it’s boring and really old starting since intro of rat. But just my opinion


I’ve been in a match where the opponent swapped to Hadros on my Mortem, took my damage and countered with vulnerability… Then healed, took another damage (I didn’t crit), countered again… Then, wthout any attack move, swapped to a Cera for over 3500 damage and I was dead…

That sums up what they’ve done with the game…


This ain’t rhino but it does the same job

Think with a crit that would do like 3800 dmg

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The max damage boosted ones (like mine) deal 3720… above 4500k with a crit…

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I can’t believe they keeping tripling and quadrupling down on the SIA meta. I don’t know anybody that enjoys it, makes arena more RNG VS strategy, and this last update has made it draco-level unbearable to play. It’s almost as if Ludia is purposely trying to tank the game to force player base to leave….

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And this is the result when people complained about resilient creatures being to strong …

People move onto next thing they want nerfed :joy:

Swap in damage has been an issue with this game since it was first started with dracorex gen 2. This needs to stop - its not fun. It was never fun before and instead of making the problem better they actually made it worse.


its a super hybrid made from a lengendary that has tons of resistances. monolarhino is fine. needs no nerf or anything like that.

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No its not fine. It shouldn’t have a direct answer to all the same creatures that counter cera. At the very least it should be countered by the same creatures but its not.