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Monolorhino my disappointment

The monolhorhino is too weak a creature. Where the monolometrodon was very powerful it only shoots 2 attacks from it.Screenshot_2021-04-09-20-08-09-114_ca.imatt.JWAFieldGuide

This is how its attack should be for

Sorry for th triple screen i did not know

Forget what i said

with monolorhino being a swapper, I am not sure about it having a ds rampage, and I think its already pretty balanced, though I may be wrong according to others
more balanced than metrodon actually, and I think most people can agree that thing needs a minor nerf


Morhino is fine. It is good against any class and is a creature of swap in damage.


Yea I say it pretty balanced. More balanced then others. Definitely in a good spot.


Not everything is meant to be 3-0ing your opponent. Mrhino is a swapper, and its a very good one.

Monorhino does not need a buff at all, it’s only second to cera in swapper strenght and can hold it’s own 1v1 before escaping again.

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Mrhino is fine, maybe 100% decel immunity would be nice

The biggest problem is that wooly rhino, its epic component. Does 250 more damage than the unique super hybrid monolorhino

It’s metrodon that needs a nerf, not mrhino that needs a buff.
Metrodon should have its distract resistance removed, it only has 2 common components

Mrhino is fine, both its components need to be nerfed

All the swap meta needs to be nerfed, but Mrhino is specially egregious.
Swaps should be risky moves, that need to be played carefully… not a meta where playing 3 or 4 swappers around a team of good creatures with extremely bad 1v1 builds focused only on big T1 dmg.

Mrhino has too many tools. Distract, shields, fierce…
Add the ability to keep swapping, since it’s 100% resistance and if that wasn’t enough… it’s also resistant to rend.
How badly unbalanced it is? The meta in the beach is already dropping most of the cunning strat and just running this troll as a fast cunning build to counter chompers and slow resilient/fierce creatures like Dio and Tryko.

Nerf it to the ground.

Monolorhino blows monolometrodon out of the water. Monolometrodon is so overrated but monolometrodon is a force to be reckoned with

I think monolorhino at level 26 should have 1400 attack

No, Mrhino is slightly better than other swappers. For negative reasons, it has low damage output and moves that don’t deal much attack. Positive stuff: Great Resistances, can cause a lot more trouble for ur opponent, can counter pretty much anything(not kill them, but give up a good fight), and it has practically no weaknesses. I’m not saying “nerf it” but just keep it however it is


that and it can be slowed and has no slowing move, so as long as ur faster and or can slow it, ur good sort of, just depends what u have


Yes, but that cunning strike comes in handy, as well as 30% armor and shields. Definite impact has its purposes

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@Rexylius wait for the next Unique skill tournament, and try out both Monolometrodon and Monolorhino. I think you’ll realise that you’ve got it backwards.

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I actually think Mrhino is the best unique pvper in the game and like everyone uses it but idk maybe i’m wrong…