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Monolorhino needs a nerf BAD

Seriously. It had it coming, nerf it already.

It has a swap-in armor piercing stun strike, shield, priority shield, it barely gets slowed, can distract and for whatever reason immune to bleed and rending despite being a tank.

At the very minimum it should be bleedable and the rending immunity taken out, as well as the crit reduction immunity.

It’s a tank. Make it vulnerable to tank busting then.

Or nerf its armor and damage if it’s a “’’“wild card””"


I generally don’t understand why people think MRhino of all things needs a nerf. It’s swap in damage isn’t great, and neither is its output, which balances out its enormous bulk


Unicorn is perfectly fine. It doesn’t do much damage and I don’t see a problem with the armor. We have a more problematic damage swap creature in the arena: Magnus.

Edit: Mrhino owns his counters, for example, Poudac will be a perfect with his big buff.


It’s used by literally all of the top 50. Along with cera and hadros. That’s good enough for me. (all I really want gone is the bleed and rend immunity though, not like it needs an entire rework like cera)


its a good creature. Resistances come from monalameterodon, just chuck a faster thor or mortem and you cann 2 shot before it even gets a chance to swap. its a good balenced creature


So it being prevalent in the meta warrants a nerf? I’m sorry but that relevance doesn’t mean it OP. Mortem and Thor exist, and it’s not like Mortem is gonna go away, since it’ll still be an incredible revenge killer. Thor is essentially budget Mortem now, and then we still have Lux and Magnus just hitting through its shields (they don’t even need vulnerable to do that).


Actually lux and magnus (which loses depending on build) actually HIGHLY struggle against mrhino

But I was saying, it literally just needs that bleed and rend immunity out. It’d still make it a problem for the likes of spinocon.

Outside of that though, Mortem already has to deal with the likes of Scorp g3, Compsocaulus, and even Dodocevia and Spyx, and it’ll be even easier to stun, then Thor who I just don’t see as very good regardless.

Outside of all that it literally only needs the most minor of nerfs: bleed and rend immunity, to go. The rest of the kit is fine. (even cunning strike ironically)


Literally this ^

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That’s not an excuse tho.
It’s like saying a shotgun isn’t s strong firearm because bazookas exist.

Cera being worse doesn’t mean rhino is fine.


Except it has access to 3 out of 4 damage mitigiatons and nothing shuts it down in two turns before it can swap out again.

It has been broken ("""“tyrant”"""") for almost a year now and it’s literally in every match.

It’s not fine.


I didn’t say unicorn is okay for the fact that Magnus exists. Magnus is a bigger problem and people care about Mrhino.

As with Unique Compy, she needs more counters, that is, more creatures with On Escape abilities for example.

Edit: Soon we will have the Apex snake slipping through the arenas.

monoalrhino is fine


That makes no sense. Rhino is completely balanced. Cera is not why are you not speaking about cera let me guess you prob have cera on your team but don’t have the rhino so easiest way something you don’t have is to nerf it. This is why the meta gets messed up like this update. The rhino isn’t hard to beat at all and is very balanced.


Cera is just as broken, what are you on about?
Also nice ad hominem there, completely missing the mark and digging into teams lmao.

Should I ask if you use rhino and call you out on how you cannot win without it?


Nothing is wrong with the rhino though not the compys the meta is changing. Dino’s moves are becoming more complex especially the apex so you need uniques that can counter the apex. I mean these next three apex Dino’s have priority everything counters for days that make them great so yeah I completely understand why their making uniques Dino’s better it’s more excited than hitting a butting fierce rampage constantly.

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Get mad man for no reason because I disagree with you I’m top fifty in the world so yeah I play them every single day and you win some and loose some.


That’s not how it works, buddy.
You are the one getting mad and hurling ad hominems, not me.

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I completely agree with Mono needing something taken away from its infinite immunities and resistances. There’s no reason for it to be immune to dot or have resistance to rend. And now with resilients being destroyed is it really necessary for him to have a 75 percent speed decrease resistance?


Glad to see some people still have common sense :blue_heart:


just why he is perfect as he is i agree with the others no need for a nerf just a good thor or mortem besides thor does not conform complicated to make so instead of asking nerves on everything you just need to know how to improve your team if you get beaten by him increase your pride like Thor And for resistance a single word: Monolometrodon