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Monolorhino needs a nerf BAD

It doesn’t have bad stats or a moveset.
Also, it is entirely irrelevant what resistances Monolometrodon have.

Indominus rex Gen 2 has 100% stun resistance, yet Indotaurus has only 50%.

I can give you more examples.


Stop assuming.

I know what the meta is, and it is rotten.
Just because it is a wildcard, doesn’t mean it is excused to have no counter.

Other wildcards have clear-cut counters.


I will say again, before nerfing Mrhino’s Resistances, they should remove some Resistances from both Indoms. Afterall, Mrhino is a unique unlike both Indoms.

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Just because Indom is a rarity lower compared to Mrhino doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be strong and have multiple resistances

It’s the main antagonist for God’s sake so yeah it has plot armour

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I agree 100%

Uh … why indom nerve? all that the camouflage removes is a diversion + dodge beats it


We can’t nerf monolorhino now. It’s the best answer to the meta. Beats Indotaurus, Scorpios Gen 3, hadros, cera, mortem (mind games) gives testa a battle, and should be able to beat phorurex

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That’s EXACTLY and ESPECIALLY why it needs a nerf.
If it beats the broken OP meta (Phorurex, Indotaurus, Etc) then it’s more meta than the meta and needs even harsher nerfs.

I will say it again, NEITHER Indominus overperforms.

You nerf based on meta dominance.

no it does not. It’s extremely well balanced maybe even underpowered as you need a ton of boosts to make it worth while

It is extremely not balanced, it is spammed nonstop in unique “skill” tournament


The moveset and stats are only there to help it survive for a longer period of time. And just becuase
I said that its a wildcard and part of ever class does not mean that it can beat every class. It just helps to prolong its survival. The greast resistances also helps with that.

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True, but they tenrex does not have the same resistances. And according to ludia wilcards are versitile and able to support teams. does not mean its able to win all of its match ups.

It’s why Monolorhino needs a nerf.
It doesn’t have a bad matchup.

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There are actually some things that can kill it. Grminitatan and Magna are both good examples


It literally doesn’t

Monolorhino is faster and will just shield the rampage
It doesn’t die in two hits.

Tenrex used to be good, now it can’t decel

I never said it would die in 2 hits.

Then it doesn’t die
It will just swap to Scorpius or Bambi.

thats why it does not need a nerf. Its moveset helps with its ability to survive for longer periods of time.

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