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Monolorhino needs a nerf BAD

“Dowry resistance”?

What, is it getting married and it doesn’t want the money? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I wouldn’t mind it losing its bleed and rend resistance. That way it could balance out the tank build.


Auto-correct moment

Nope, not at all Mortem and many others can kill it


It doesnt need a nerf. Your 100% right

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It’s literally not balanced.
It’s on every single team above Library since 2.0 and it’s no contest better than it’s Apex counterpart.

It absolutely does need a nerf.


You are aware that Monolorhino is faster and can clown Mortem with distraction, right?


Then explain to me why it is spammed in the arena and is mandatory on top teams with no alternative if it’s balanced.

Just because everyone who themselves abuse its power keep repeating it’s “”“balanced”"" despite the fact it has been ruining arena for a year, doesn’t make this creature balanced.

At all.

you just need to kill it with nitro mortem

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Mhmm, of course everybody has a nitro mortem


Mortem can cleanse the distraction with CI. It really comes down to mind games. My mortem, gorgo and lux regularly feast on the mrhino. It’s not the problem that it’s being made out to be.

Out of curiosity, what is your team composition? I feel like there are plenty of meta relevant options that can crush the mrhino. Even if it manages to survive and swap you’ll likely maim whatever they’re swapping into.


Scorpios G1 and G3 happen to be EXCELLENT counters to Mrhino

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MRhino is fine as it is. There are counters to it.

Gorgotrebax absolutely kills it. Mortem can deal with it even if it is not nitro, it can cleanse one hit and rampage the other and still do huge damage even if it doesn’t kill it. Even Tenontorex can destroy it if it is faster.


Tenontorex if faster i certainly agree with, trebax not so sure but if mortem is slower it definitely cant

Trebax whether faster or slower eats it for breakfast guaranteed. No matter how many shields MRhino spams Trebax spams it with distraction and dodge, and even if MRhino uses definitive through dodge it is still distracted. Then when low enough comes rampage to finish it off.

Just the same as Trebax does to Grypo. In fact Trebax is the best counter to MRhino that’s i’ve seen.


Most of the times I have faced monolorhino with my gorgotrebax, I needed a critical hit to kill it in 2 turns. But if monolorhino stays more than 2 turns, it definitely dies.

Yes that’s true, if MRhino stays it dies easily, most of the time my opponent don’t swap out, and I think that’s because i’d get a good free decent hit on what’s coming in and likely be faster due to Trebax speed increases.

But one-on-one it’s the best counter.

Definitely. It’s even better in version 2.10 where it destroys grypo, SR3, monolorhino, compsocaulus, ceramagnus most of the times and even hadros lux in the right situation. It will be even better when it hits level 30 and stops losing speed ties.


I get its an exclusive but its way too annoying. About as and as deer. Its way too tanky for the amount of resistances it has. Please nerf this thing so its actually balanced


The fact Monolorhino CAN counterplay Mortem is unacceptable in itself.