Monolorhino needs a nerf BAD

It doesn’t make monolorhino overpowered. It is in most teams because it is a great wildcard. It will probably drop in usage if there ever is a boost reset though as it is less useful than it used to be. At the moment it’s 1 of the 2 viable creatures with swap in damage (monolorhino and phorurex), I don’t count the one made from 2 legendary as I haven’t seen the wild legendary in 2021 aside from the special events.


That’s not really proof. As of October 4th, MRhino was basically the only viable swapper in the end game–DCRat isn’t really good enough to cut it in large part due to its low bulk and poor 1v1 potential once swapped in, and Ceramagnus ate some fat nerfs that made its value pretty questionable. PRex is good, but it was also pretty darn new and has a lot of roles other than just swapping that affect how it’s used and who it replaces.

If usage rate correlated to creature power, then this chart would lead us to conclusions such as Scorpius G3 being pretty busted and being better than Testa, a creature widely agreed to be too strong. As reasonable players who know how to interpret data know, though, it’s not. Likewise, neither is Mortem better than Bax, nor is CompC better than Spinocon. The reality is that a large number of factors play into usage rates beyond just creature strength: team roles, synergy, and investment all play in as well. As I indicated above, at the time of that graph, MRhino was basically the only creature suited to filling a damaging swap role in high-end teams. With Pops now on the field, MRhino faces competition, but Pops also requires a serious amount of investment as well, taking one of the rarest Epic spawns, an event-exclusive Rare, and the rarest Close Range spawn plus all necessary boosts.

tl;dr Posting pickrates isn’t really a suitable argument, because it ignores a lot of additional information that’s very pertinent to why it’s used.


It is not.

It indicates that swapping damage is the most overpowered mechanic AND Monolorhino unconestalily triumphs in it.

You can twist and screw it however you like, something being in 99/100 teams is NOT okay.


Just because its the most used does not make it overpowered

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why is that not ok. people can use the creatures that they love and want to use. The part of this game that is enjoyable is having freedom to pick what creatures you want on your team. Even if it is on 99/100 top teams does not mean its broken or overpowerd. It means that people think its a good creature to use, and that they enjoy using it.

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This topic was made quite a while ago, so while Monolorhino may have been extremely good back then (only being beaten out by Hadros and Magnus), Monolorhino is slowly getting worse. Creatures like Skoona and Testa have similar bulk while being able to deal much more damage. New swappers that even defeat Monolorhino have also been added, such as Parasauthops and Phorurex. However, I feel the biggest indirect nerf Monolorhino has received is the buffing of Antarctovenator. This thing absolutely destroys Monolorhino with a completely unavoidable Revenge Definite Rampage and immunity to distract and stun.

Because of this powercreep and competition, Monolorhino is no longer overpowered anymore despite still being a very good asset to any team.


It’s not ok when it limits other creatures from being used

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Monoloryan dosent need a nerf.
Thats what other people have been saying.


Hi everyone let’s keep things civil and on-topic please.




  1. a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

can the thread please die now? obviously no one is gonna change their opinions. Time to be like Elsa and let it go.


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Can we stop this. Monolarhino is fine and it’s not getting a nerf people have their opinions and arguing is not going to solve anything.


It’s not fine and “not getting a nerf” is not something you decide.

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This topic will probably never die since there will always be a counter argument to every statement. That’s kinda how arguments work with these kinds of topics. Is Monolorhino the best creature in the game? Most people would say no. Is Monolorhino the best swapper? Parasauthops and Phorurex make it difficult to say yes for most people. But there’s always going to be someone that disagrees, which leads to reasoning, in which the reasoning causes even more arguing. This topic will probably stay in an endless loop for a while.


This exactly. There’s always a counter argument to be made, and most nerf posts are made when a player becomes frustrated with a given dino and decides that instead of working on the counters and changing tactics, they’d rather just nerf the “OP” creature.



If I could pay to lock your reply in and pin it to the top, I would.

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Lol paraT is much better than mrhino and has started replacing it already.i would use ParaT over mrhino as well.
Mrhino is just going to get powercrept…slowly…


Parasauthops is a problem for sure

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Noooooo. We had over a week of peace. Let the thread go extinct :joy: