Monolorhino needs a nerf BAD

Personally, im not fan of solely looking at the leaderboard for balance. The leaderboard tends to represent people who have near-perfect teams with full stat boosts.

Thats not the majority of the playebase.

I agree, rhino feels a bit too strong.


It’s durable because it has too many resistances that makes it hard for creatures to defeat. It’s already got distraction to stop shattering rend moves. Now i know it can’t distract fisrt when a swap in rend happens, but it has armor plus the rend resistance to protect it. Just having the armor would be fine to protect it. As for a tank, it should lose 50% of it’s bleed and 100% of swap immunity. Losing 100% swap can let the creatures with no escape can do what they are supposed to. (Honestly all creatures that are tanks and/or have swap-in damage should not have swap resistance)


The power creep is so bad that Phorurex and Parasauthops are just way better swap ins to use


yeah the powercreep in this game is the biggest i have ever seen :rofl:

just watch the new apex fierce gator ( imperatosuchus ) also powercreep indot :eyes:

If this was still back when Monolorhino and Ceramagnus were the only problem swappers I’d still be on board with a slight nerf/rework.

These days, running a Monolorhino and Ceramagnus in the face of the huge powercreep (which I would argue isn’t really a creep at all anymore, fact of the matter is, is that they’re overshadowed now) has made me realize that if Parasauthops doesn’t take a nerf or have it’s swap-in removed, then Monolorhino really needs a buff instead to keep up.


Can this thread just die once and for all? Monolorhino has been powercrept to the ground, so no reason for this to stay relevant anymore. Can a moderator close it?


Yes I would, because unless the other guy gets docked for using rocket jets and is forced to remove them, then there’s not much incentive for me to not use them myself now is there?

Frankly, I’m not saying Monolorhino needs 2 Rampages and a swap in Definite Impact or anything else that would make it just as broken as Parasauthops, Phorurex, Indotaurus, and so on.

But it can’t be denied that it’s falling to the wayside simply because it can’t keep up with them.


Removing resistances isn’t really necessary what I’ve found to be the best counter to it after it has been swapped in is to use something like erliko to distract it until it can do very little damage

Curious, what arena are you in?

I’m constantly in Upper library to Mid Gyro and I see MonoRATS everywhere. ¾ of the teams I face have that rat on their team, doing 2100+ swap in damage. Can’t bleed or, barely distract it, can’t stun it, rend it etc…

It needs to lose resistances, even it having 50% bleed would be OK.

I’m not saying this because I hate rats either. Monorat needs to lose something


Hi, are we in 2022 yet? :eyes:
I read the last few posts and felt like we were still in 2020.
Nothing of what’s being argued matches reality at all :astonished:


How often does one that their “counter” on their team though?

I have Magna and Gorgo on my team to try and distract it, but it doesn’t do much.


Come on… It is still in many teams because there hasn’t been a boost reset, otherwise it would have been dropped faster than Bill Clinton’s pants. I myself will drop it as soon as I can but not before I drop the useless apex creature that is ceramagnus!


Cera was hit badly but still has its moments. I think this thread is outdated just like mrhino. The power creep was accelerated rapidly. Jam City clearly going after the 1%'s wallets harder than


Cera needed that nerf so bad. If it stayed where it was it could swap in for 2700+ damage at lvl 30. I still run into them doing 2200+ and they can still be a pain.


Ok how is this thread still alive? Well heres my take: I’d like to see it get a slight change overall in moveset and stats.

  1. Nerf some of its resistances, a tank should not be completely immune, id say 75% bleed (wooly rhino already has 50% so it makes sense itll have a higher bleed resist) and 25% rend w maybe 50% swap
    (Edit) nerf some of its armor too, to this day i still don’t understand where the extra 20% armor MRhino gets out of no where. (WRhino only has 10%)

  2. Up its attack a little more but change its swap in so its less deadly. Perhaps “swap in concussion” which is a basically swap in headbut but with a 100% chance stun.

  3. A little bit of a move set change, give it resilent impact to replace taunting sheild strike so it can cleanse distraction, have a better turn 1, and give it a vulnerability move to give it more offensive power.

Monolorhino is just built to be annoying, high resistances, an armor piercing swap in with a stun, and too much of an ability to stall. It just makes it a pain to fight. Thats prob y this thread is still going. Its not OP, just a pain. But this is my take on it to improve it and balance it out a bit more.


I really find this amusing that Ludia considers some creatures so OP so they need to nerf them really quickly. Meanwhile MAJORITY of the player base asked to nerf Monolorhino/Testa and NOTHING for over a year! It’s ridiculous!


Testacornibus has been addressed and monolorhino and testacornibus have never been on the same level. At its best, testacornibus was 3-0ing teams without breaking a sweat. Have rarely seen monolorhino kill more than 2 creatures in a match.


Right… They hardly nerfed it. They need to remove one or two resistances and change one move to balance it. As for Monolorhino they definitely should remove its distraction and rending resistances.


The distraction resistance is fine. It’s bleed and rend resistance i worry about. It should not have rend resistance. 50%bleed is fine though.