Monolorhino pitch meeting

Hey can I come in

Sure, so what you got for us devs

Well board we created this new hybrid call Monolorhino

Ooo interesting name I like so what is it made out of ?

Well it’s made from monometradon and the woolly rhino

Woolly rhino huh, so how easy it is to get?

Well it’s an epic you need 200 to fuse per pop

and you can’t find it in the wild nor arena, and can only be obtained in epic incubators also it will also put in an event but made still almost impossible to find and super hard to dart.

Well then it must very powerful then if it’s super hard to get then must be on par with tryko, maxima, Gemini…

No, actually it’s worse than any unique and legendary ever introduced into the game. Not only that it’s own parent is actually better in every way than it.
image image

Well that is a unfortunate but ripping-off people and disappointing them is our speciality .

yes it sir and that’s why are proud of our work

Very well done anything else I need to know

Well it’s immune and it can bleed and distraction but with our immune meta and boosts for players it should be easy to counter barely and inconvenience. Plus we were gonna make it counter evasivers and attack boosters with nullify but we yeeted that idea out the window

Well that sounds like a big middle finger to everyone who was excited for that

It was but were ludia we don’t care unless we don’t get money isn’t that right sir?

Indeed old chap, hahahahaha

Haha haha

Anyway when it will be released?

We think 1.11 is good it’s will be that one creature who is is probably never gonna be grind by anyone.

Welp I say well done now get back to work I want another Mascot money maker next patch and it better be super easy to get.

Right away sir.


I would say something, but I don’t wanna get kicked from the forums


Does that mean that Monolorhino is the new Stygidaryx?


But in other words yes

What’s that supposed to mean?

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Lol in other words Stygidaryx actually looks good and can be better to rhino in most cases

Aww and I was so stoked to find this today


Is that a Brontolasmus?


Oh no still make it it get a maxima or Gemini buff eventually

Fun Fact: Monolorhino is actually an Omnivore

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I actually like Monolorhino. That moveset looks pretty nice to me. I’m going to get one to use. We’ll see how it goes. Granted, I am a bleeder fan

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I can literally hear Ryan George’s voice out of that.

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Lol same :rofl:

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The only thing left to add to that pitch meeting is “super easy, barely an inconvenience” somewhere.

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So was it improved :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

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Yes big improvement.

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Finally unlocked Monolorhino this week, so have been using it in the tournament.
Very disappointing creature. It doesn’t excel in many matchups at all.


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Well I mean ludia has nerfed worse than monomumis

So that could be the explination

Old thread.