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Monolorhino polls results and sorta of Dinodex entry

Well I have seen the results and here is is monolorhino I will also post counters and best matchups

Lvl: 26
Health: 4,500
Attack: 1,150
Speed: 126
Armor: 15%
Passive: full immunity


  • Nullifying strike: (1,150) deal 1x damage remove positive effects

  • Lethal Wound: (1,150) deal 1x damage, DoT of .33 % of targets max hp for three turns. cool down 2

  • Distracting impact: (1,725) deal 1.5x damage, reduce opponents damage by 50% for two turns. cool down 2

  • Definite rampage: (2,300) deal 2x damage, remove targets evasion, cloak, and shields, bypass armor. Delay 1; cool down 1

Best match ups

  • Grypolyth
  • Trykosaurus
  • Quetzerion
  • Procerathomimus
  • Smilonemys
  • Erlidominus
  • Phorasaura

Apex: high

  • Erlikospxs
  • Tryosyonix
  • Tuoramoloch
  • Utharinex
  • Tenatorex
  • Dsungina
  • Diorajasaurs
  • Carnotarkus
  • thylacotator
  • pterovexus
  • Uthasinoraptor
  • Monostegotops

Apex mid:

  • Brontolamus
  • alankylosaurs
  • allosinosaurs
  • Bajatonodon
  • Alloraptor
  • carboceratops
  • Diloranosaurus
  • dracoceratops
    The rest cause I got tired of listing


  • Magnapyritor
  • Mammotherium
  • Indoraptor gen2
  • Geminititan
  • Ardentismaxima

Apex high:

  • Indominus Rex
  • Indominus Rex gen2
  • Indoraptor

Apex mid:

  • Ardontosaurus

What do you all think

  • It’s good
  • Not my rhino

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Also pls moderators @Ned, @Sara,@E.D, @Thom, and anyone else tell us what you think also share with team pls we all wish for the rhino To be better and it seems this is the best way

Also if you wish to see the results here is a link to the og poll
Build your own monolorhino: poll

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This took awhile but I think this is good outcome

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Ludia pls listen to us this time

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Plus it’s not op it’s has counters and considering how hard rhino is to get and you need 200 per pop (even with the months reward that be hard as heck to do) it deserves to be strong.

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So yeas like @Starlinger27 said pls listen or just take a look

Nope,the counters already need a nerf…
you’re version is clearly overpower

Again not my version this was a poll got a problem kick it up with the people who voted for them and the choices were based on it’s parents and other the fill it’s niche as well

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Also magan, indom and indo aren’t even op

And i refuse to see another “ardentis” , “IndoG2” ,“Gemini”,“Procera”

Aswell,not a lot of people had talk about it but mammotherium…is this even normal a simple hybrid finish aswell in end game as phorusaura?

You need to take a closer look,only barely 10 counter (half need a clear nerf) and no real possibility to counter it

This creature counter everything

Isn’t Monolometrodon’s speed 125?

Yes but monolophosaurs gen 2 is 126

And having it the same speed was just something I tried to avoid

Oh. I don’t think that’s how that works. If it’s a hybrid of Monolometrodon, then Monolometrodon’s stats and abilities are all that matter, irrespective of Monolometrodon’s ingredients.
But I guess as an arbitrary choice it would still count as a possibility.

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Also, shouldn’t its basic attack be Distraction?

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Nope null was the top vote check for ya self there is a link

Yes, but Distracting Strike and “stay the same” should be counted together right?

Well yes but actually no plus it was a mistake but still seems people are more happy with the null

But more people voted for Distraction…

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Hmmm ya guess I’ll do a redo on that I suppose to find out or I could add both as a compromise but more likely do a redo

Hp -4200
Speed 115
And should be fine