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Monolorhino Rework

Also in the “it’s fine” boat. Being that Rhino is exclusive and requires 200 a pop, this thing deserves to be where it’s at, even as easy as Monolo is to make. Send in any faster chomper and it’s toast. If they boost on speed, then it’s not going to have the HP to last anyway. At the very least, you’re setting up a rampage on whatever they swap in.

I often find I’m often in that position and usually (but not always) I find it more advantageous to just let her die. Even those times where I can swap her out, the opponent is then ready the next time around with a swap of their own. If it had regen of some sort I’d agree it needs some toning down but to say it needs to lose both rend and DOT res is too harsh as is.


Rework the horn, a little too colourful. Looks like he’s always going to a birthday party :partying_face: :tada:


But I like its party horn


next thing you know someone says to make the game an idle game instead of an AR game and that’s the one suggestion they look at

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No I haven’t noticed - its rare a mrhino manages to swap out again on my team (maybe 1 in 10?) and likewise my rhino rarely manages it - its good for a kill but then their next creature can normally 2 shot it; mine is L28 and max boosted, 20 on damage.

You’ll see what I mean in the RELU tourney in 2 weeks

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That’s probably why, minmaxing is never a good idea. And yes what @SonicNTGD says is true. Unless they don’t land the stun their is nothing that can kill them in their rarity

While i think overall monolorhino is balanced as It is, I can see how having those resistances could be problematic. I think It could have them but just not as much as now. It has a cunning move so it doesn’t need to be as anti fierce with that much resistance.
What about this?
download (91)
I think the kit is perfect as It is, so no changes there, but i changed the resistances i think should be toned down(rend and bleed).


Nothing wrong with it. Just throw a chomper out eg. Tryko or Magna and it’s dead

Wait… Monolorhino is what? My Tryko would like to ask why you think its a joke. As would my Tenonto.

Monolorhino is a kamikaze bomber with stun much like Sinoceratops and Woolly Rhino. It cannot cleanse lock so has to stand there and get 2 shot by anything with Resilient moves aka Twin Towers, Tenonto and Tryko. Thora can and often 2 shots it especially when faster.

Actually no. RELU has U so Monolorhino will be killed very often by the trio of Chompers and the odd Allosino.

It’s fine like this, as it is difficult to create, because the Woolly Rhinoceros is exclusive.

They won’t kill it in two turns. Especially not thor. Also, no, seriously look at its 1v1 matchups. Without a crit everything needs more than 2 turns to kill it, in which case it’s going to be used twice.

Boosts into the equation makes it arguably less dangerous so there is that.

Tryko kills it in 2 turns. Lvl 26 unboosted for both. Tryko hits 1680 then 3200 which is 4880 damage more than rhino’s 4500 health.

Monolorhino should open with Taunting Shields, then it survives 2 hits from Tryko no matter what.

More and more people have Mortem now, Thor has no problem with it, even Allosin will make short work of it along with Tryko and Tenontorex, so I can’t see the issue with it.

The suggestion that a crappy rend Dino should take it out just annoys me as Andrew, ML and Thyla are already op for what they are. Maybe Alloraptor should get the chance as at least it’s harder to make, as is Allo gen2.

So it’s fine as it is as far as I’m concerned.

Skill yes. Then again Skill tournaments mean nothing when it comes to Skill. Just pure luck, endurance and the occasional skilful move.

I am “enjoying” how Monolorhino’s parent is a stunner in then hands of my opponent but completely incompetent in my hands.

Cant wait for RELU at the end of the month. Prob break a phone or 2 over how bad Monolorhino is when i use it.