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Monolorhino shield lasted for 2 turns

Mrhino’s non-priority shield states: 4 attacks, 1 turn.

I swapped in to Mrhino, and the shield came up. The next turn proceeded as expected. Then, on the second turn, the shield was still there. Okay, cool, but that’s it, right? Apparently not, because the shield lasted into the third turn when I used a priority move.

Tldr; Mrhino’s shield lasted for 2 turns, 3 attacks.

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Ig description says the shield last for 2 turns, and the taunt 1


You’re talking Taunting Shields, correct? Cuz in game it states 4 attacks, 2 turns.


You’re probably confusing the taunt effect with the shield itself


^ This :point_up_2:

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Simple thing, both will last 2 turn.

But the attack r different.

Ugh, yes, misread that taunt effect. Thanks all!