Monolorhino sketch/slight redesign

I just got me monolorhino thanks to the recent Christmas event, and now with a good look at it, there was a few changes it needed. I gave it monolometrodon’s brow spikes and gave it actual teeth. Also fixed the eyes for them to not be so dopey, besides that, the rest is untouched


This is awesome!


Man this looks amazing!!! I love ur art style


I would suggest for the colors if you ever get around to that to be more than just one the upper part of the body. Another suggestion is make the hooves sharper and more claw like ur in a more natural while like like the ones you gave it they seem off a bit. Although I really do appreciate the tough armored look you gave it and overall all good job.

I’d like to color but as of now I’m on vacation, and a sketch book is my only option :c



My sleep paralysis demon be like:

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@Carnoraptor.troodon do you have the link to make these images?

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i see no monolophosaurus lineage

That’s because none of the in-game Monolophosaurus hybrids do.