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Monolorhino / Swap in stunning strike dinos

This dino needs some rework as it’s too OP. I think it should lose its distraction and speed decrease resistances and possibly the cunning strike as well. It’s a tank after all, so it should NOT have a distracting move in my view.

I also would change swap in stunning strike on all stunning dinos to do 1/2 of their damage in swap in as 1x is too much on very boosted dinos. Something similar to medium resilient counter attack used by Hadros Lux.

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It’s not a tank, it’s a wild card, it’s supposed to have this ability.

As for its bulk, that’s balanced by its lackluster output, especially compared to something like Magnus


No, it is not balanced at all. You can’t slow it down easily unless you have 124+ speed tryko or tenon. All those in the arena are very fast with a lot of damage. You can’t distract it, you can’t slow it down either. What are your options then?

It’s not OP. It doesn’t need a nerf. It has decent output but nothing crazy. It’s a swapper that plays defensively. And you think this guy is annoying, wait until you see ceramagus. But rhino is quite easy to deal with.


The aforementioned TenRex does well because Rhino needs to use 4 hits to kill it, same case with Thor and Tryko.

Also Rhino not having and speed control means that it’ll be slower than most relevant creatures after getting decelerated, this changes if you speed boost it, but a) that’s a waste of boosts and b) this is easily remedied by that fact that creatures like Brawler Magna Mortem, and Gemini really lay the hurt on it, especially in a boosted arena

It is not easy to deal from my experience unless you have tryko/teno available with tons of HP and not too slow either.

There are plenty of other options out there like mortem and mags that can deal with it pretty easily


Could we see your team then? That may be part of the problem

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off the top of my head, Tenonto, tryko, dio, and maxima deal with it fine.

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it’s part monolometrodon so it kind of needs the cunning strike

also just doesnt have too high of attack to begin with and has a swap in, strike and impact

Dio not so much when Monolo is super boosted with attack and speed.

I really don’t understand why people want those stinky and annoying creatures to be so OP. This game was much better without rats and rhinos that make damage on swap in. It’s just cheap move and I will never use them in my strike team.

care to give me an example of level and stats of said M-Rhino?

Lackluster output right… Because a first turn rampage and acute stun so he can double rampage and group acceleration and a 4500 two turn damage after swapping in is lackluster nevermind I’m sorry I thought we were talking about ceramagnus :joy: yeah I agree mrhino is definitely not op

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It is but many other hybrids don’t have CORE moves from their parents either. A very good example is Spyx, no bleeding move at all!

It’s ridiculous that Monolo has so many resistances. 8 in total! Even Apex dinos don’t have so many!

Let me guess… you use it. You should learn how to play the game fairly without ANY annoying and pesky creatures with cheap swap in moves.

It’s in the game, there is no rule that says you can’t use a certain creature, especially because that creature helps you be competitive


Of course not. But I don’t want to be … and play fairly. The whole swap in mechanic should be reviewed by Ludia to make sure NO creature can make more than max 1000 damage in swap in if this REALLY needs to stay in the game.

Why is it unfair? It’s been relevant since 1.9 (1.5 I think if you wanna count Rat) and it’s just know unfair? The only creatures in the game that are truly broken are Magnus and maybe Lux, but even that’s debatable because of their status as Apex’s


Just because it has been in the game for a while doesn’t make it nice or fair. I always hated swap-in damage moves and the rats. I will never use any of them in the strike team. I think it’s a cheap move and it’s even worse when you have 3 dinos like that with 2200-2700 damage. I feel like it’s act of desperation to stay competitive in the arena.

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