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Monolorhino / Swap in stunning strike dinos

i find swap in damage perfectly fine. could they have more on escape abilities around to counter/ punish it? yes. but swap in damage itself is fine as a mechanic.


Then wait for PVP when your opponents will spam you with rhinos with 2200-2700 swap in damage. It’s a cheap move and they wouldn’t be able to play this game so well and stay competitive if Ludia removed it tomorrow. :laughing:

Then why has it always been legal in every competitive format?

So it’s bias then? No problem hating certain creatures, but calling for nerfs beach you don’t like something isn’t ever a good thing.

I don’t think grinding for hours on end because you’re going against the meta is fun


faced teams with monosteg, rat and m-rhino. still don’t see an issue with the mechanic.

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Did you face those I mentioned with 2700 swap in damage from Woolly rhino? Or nearly 2300 from Monolo? It’s a terrible mechanic and so cheap. Yes, it’s my personal opinion because this type of moves make people upset, furious and frustrated. It’s far from being fair. Many players wouldn’t be able to compete if Ludia made drastic change in this mechanic. I probably wouldn’t complain so much if we didn’t have boosts but some of those dinos when max boosted are way too OP.

No, they’d simply adapt to the change in the meta and then carry on like nothing happened


I don’t think so as there are some tournaments without any of those annoying dinos and some top players don’t do so well then. Let’s agree to disagree.

if that’s what your facing have you thought about building to counter it?
no one ever thinks about building to counter the meta and just builds things for the meta.


First off, most top players don’t drop everything to grind the tourney like the top tourney players. Second, there is no tournament format available that has no swap in damage, and third of all, I can tell from EXPERIENCE that the mechanic itself is fine. I think I’ve even figured out how to predict it.

And no, I’m not going to agree to disagree when you’re clearly wrong


And that’s why I’m running Spinoconstrictor


The swap in mechanics are fine. It really adds another layer of strategy to the game.

Being able to anticipate swap ins is an important skill.

i’m still building constrictor, but i felt she didn’t really have a place anywhere. she’s weird.
i take forever to boost things because i look at what my opponents do. and i look for ways to make my stuff counter that the most cost effective way. so far, i haven’t really needed to boost anything. i boosted lux as a fail safe when a lv 28 thor or monolometrodon come out.

I’m not wrong as I’ve been playing this game from the start. I remember how this game was before they introduced the rat and what happened soon after. Later they added boosts and more swap in damage creatures that made the playing experience really horrible. Yes, there are tournaments with swap in damage dinos but at least they are all level 26. It’s also annoying but easier to counter compared to max boosted in the arena. And if you are unlucky with 4 selected dinos and don’t have any viable counters for rhinos then it’s game over.

If you’re not max boosted as well, that’s not their fault, that’s a level difference, and that’s only natural.

Again, not a problem with the creatures in question. That’s called bad RNG/team building, and the latter of which is the players job to fix

I will disagree too. Thanks for your input!

It’s funny… How would you call a dino with 8 resistances that even apex dinos don’t have? If I remember correctly only one of them has like 6. Monolo needs a nerf either in the move set or by removing some of its resistances.

I never really had many problems with it. Good amount of my team can deal with it.

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For the resistances’ it’s from monolometrodon

Yes, another dino for rework. But some rumours say it will get a nerf in the next update(s) so at least that! :slight_smile:

I think one of the rumors was that magnapyritor was getting nerfed, not monolometrodon. But I can be wrong.


Oh that would make a lot of sense, given all the ingredients (not easy to grind) you need to level it up. XD It will be interesting to see this happening.