Is here anyone, who using monolorhino in Battles like me? I give him some boosts for fun, he is on 22 lvl (soon 23), but I think…he is the worst Unique hybrid and maybe worse then most of legendary dinos in game. He has bad health, horrible dmg, and avarage speed. All his power is imunity (which is useless cause low health), definite impact (which has 1 round cooldown and its only impact! Why not Rampage, when he is the weakest dmger in game…and because of low health you often dont survive first round, especially when you are slower than enemy) and lethal wound…ok. I will keep him, but I still dont understand…he is even one of most hard to leveling (something like Grypolyth), but why he is so bad. But still love him…peace :smiley:

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It’s the only unique in low apex for a reason :slight_smile: It’s obviously very bad. Nevertheless, keep collecting as much rhino as you can, dinos this sucky are gonna get buffed sooner or later.

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To be honest, I still think stigy is worse, but rhino doesn’t really fare better. It does well against dio and tryko, but it’s probably going to suicide with them anyways. I feel that It is going to receive a well-needed buff, so it’s a good investment


I faced my first one today at around 5400 trophies and it was level 22. Even with some small boosts, it was awful.

Edit: That was you OP that I faced. My Utahsino killed your Rhino. Sorry :sweat_smile:


Yes it was me, I think I am the only one :smiley: I am just trying him, but he is weakest in team so i give him speed and some dmg…will se about 26-27 lvl and speed around 140. But now i have 884 basic dmg with 3 boosts. So i can hit with my strongest attack “definite impact” with 1326 dmg…its really sad :smiley: