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it is bad when un-boosted but the current arena is all about boosts and its too good for something you can unlock at arcadiaand yes ik mono gen2 is local but you can just request it another thing is that the rend resistance basically came from nowhere but itd 75% only it anf trebax has that and if your gonna say just use the coubters for it i am using so i made ths lil nerf for it

in avairy this thing is also a monster and if you say it needs a buff you clearly haven’t seen avairy

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The second attack, the nullifying one, in my opinion should be changed.

could be switched to distract strike and distract impact to null impact.

Woohoo, i will grab pop corn again.
I agree with your nerf + if you change nul strike to cunning strike and remove distraxtion resistant will be perfect


You’re right but I think the fourth attack is too strong, which destroys the shields. It should just ignore armor.

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its hp should go down to like 3,800 and attack is fine. nullifying strike should be changed to cunning strike

I think that’s even worse haha

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I say leave the attack at 1,400 it would lose to tryko and dioraj other wise. The distraction resistance and nullification lose is already enough of a new no stat changes really need to be given. Same with the speed decrease stat.

It should lose to tryko and dioraj


No it’s a fierce cunning it should win. Having more counters too these two is t bad what bad is that monolometradon also does well against things it shouldn’t like cunning’s. And considering dioraj and tryko are super super strong have an ac counter thats easier to make isn’t bad but allows people to get a start or at least have something to counter them with.

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okkkk ill vhange that


Im ok with this, as long as he can be distracted im okay

Giving monolemotrodon armor piercing strike? No. Making monolemotrodon be speed decreased? No. Making mono not have nullify? No. Making mono not have distraction resist? No.

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The fourth attack is too strong? How?

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So your just using a boosted one? If that’s the case then a non boosted monolemotrodon is decent.

I like it, but I would prefer dsr to apr.
If it’s supposed to counter dio, tryko and the like, the it’s big hit shouldn’t be so easily countered with instant shields like indoraptor’s is

are you even in aviary have you seen the metrodons in there


Metrodon is just a cheaper magna so if you don’t wanna get magna then you’ll overlevel metro instead of getting its great hybrid or getting magna