Why is it so good? It’s one of the easiest things to get doesn’t make much sense.

Monolometrodon user here. There’s 3 main things that make it good: Boosts, Resistances, and it’s kit. I’ll explain each one.

Boosts… self explanatory. You can go from 125 speed to 133 within 5 tiers, which allows you to outspeed all unboosted creatures.

Resistances. Whoo boy, does Monolom have a LOT, being a synapsid hybrid. Synapsids are typically bulky fierces with lots of resistances, and Monolom takes it to the next level. On top of typical synapsid stuff like speed decrease immunity, vunerability immunity, stun immunity, etc., it also has a 75% rend resistance and a 50% distraction resistance.

It’s kit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s T3 options are awful. But having access to nullify on every turn, a distracting impact, and fierce impact, it can either shut down your stat boosting moves or deal big damage within a 2 turn span.

Between those things and it’s easy accessibility (meaning easy to level), it makes it a great creature up till a certain point. It gets outclassed after aviary though, I hear, but by the time a player reaches Library, their team is probably mostly made of uniques anyways, unless it’s a theme team or experimental person.

*EDIT: I read this wrong. I thought you were wondering what made it strong, not why it outclasses a lot of harder creatures to make, like Poukadei or Allosino. My poor boi Poukadei. :frowning:

poukadei steamrolls monolometrodon. Monolometrodon non boosted is not very good and loses to anything faster than it or most times cunning.

Not really the “easiest” thing to get, indominus was the easiest legendary for me to get.

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Easiest in the sense it needs to commons. Trust me it easy to get. I’ve seen lv 11 players in badlands with it.


I think its kinda overrated nowadays

it needs a common that is nowhere to be seen

Honestly? I think Metrodon was introduced because of all the complaints about Thor. It is made up of 2 common creatures (1 global and 1 local) and since zones have rotated at least once now, everyone who has been playing in the last 4 moths should have had a chance to get it. It’s a very good legendary that is accessible to a lot of people and can counter one of the biggest issues people have in some of the mid-level arenas. It is by no means OP esp as you get higher in the leagues though.

For you. You can always request it in the alliance

I agree especially with the thor theory. Same with dracocera, which explains the rend resistance. It’s a solid creature, but is outclassed pretty quickly. It’s just better to save it for monolorhino

I already have

Just take away a bit of damage or speed from it

The debate over mono continues, as in other threads on here the consensus seems to be a little tweak to his resistances namely rend & distraction, which would not impact on countering Thor @ElEduardo, but help with his counters , yes boosts are the main problem with players facing nitro versions,but as there not likely to be changing anytime soon, any balancing to a Dino is in the form of a nerf.