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Monomim swap-in bug

As it’s known instant invincibility works 2 turns when opponent’s creature uses any hit-n-run skill. It blocks hit-n-run and next creature’s attack.

The same is with monomim’s sia dodge. It dodges hit-n-run and he’s still in evasive stance with 100% dodge for next creature’s first move.


Ludia is using Monomemeus as a test monkey.

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Yep, noticed that too. The SIA being 100% dodge for two turns is ABSURD by the way. It’s a good thing that most players abandoned this silly creature, or else we would have one more reason for players to be raging

Thanks for reporting this to us, @Tenterro. Would you be able to describe in detail the scenario of when you notice this bug occurring in battle? Once we get more information, our team can investigate further.

For example I have utharinex, my opponent has any random dino.
I use rampage and run, my opponent swaps in with monomimus. It has SIA dodge for 1 turn. It dodges my utharinex’s rampage.

Next turn. For example rinex switched to trykosaurus. I use deference shattering strike (no matter which dino is next or which attack). But minimums still has its dodge stance with 100% dodge chance for this second turn.

Does this happen only in the Arena or in other battles as well, also, how often does it occur? If I could get your device information too, it’d be really helpful. Thanks!

It happens all the time and no matter on which device. I’m pretty sure this bug is related somehow with instant invincibility and hit-n-run bug.

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I understand, @Tenterro, but could I still get your device information so I can quickly send it to our team? :smiley:

OnePlus 5T, Android 9, OxygenOS version 9.0.5.

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It also happens with Tryko’s Instant Invincibility. I used Rampage and Run with Dilorach, then my next dino came and Tryko still had the Invincibility… Seems like a bug involving hit and run moves

I’ve had the same bug using iPhone 8. Don’t think it’s a device bug. Something with hit and run moves not counting as a turn