This is getting so tiring I can’t even explain. To lose two plus Dino’s higher lv then this creature on the norm based of luck is a joke. A lv 18 beats my love 21s even uniqiues, so bad I lose 5/7 to evades or equal. Nerf this dino or my whole group is quitting and I was the last to support them of the complaints.

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get a nullifier, richard…there are many to choose from.


I use my L20 Rajakylo lol.
It’s taken down 3 L21 and a L23 today alone.


Do not tell me to get a trash ass tany ether, I only upgrade what I can, plan very far ahead to do that because I think pay to win is for scrubs who support the worst in the gaming envoirnment. Put it this simple, one lengdary can kill two plus off luck on the norm give me a break. Why did the winner of season 1 say this is the worst dino to face, and even after season two he gets no nerf or change/counter…

yea i love using my dioraj on a mimus lol. make him use the smaller nullyfying move. i know that pisses them off lol

I have a lv 20 raja also get off your high horse it doesn’t happen on the norm. Put that lv 20 vs the mono and see what happens he killed mine and plus 1

You may be using it too predictably. Rajakylo wasn’t just lucky today, it’s my go-to for Mono. I’m on a couch, not a horse :sweat_smile:


get good man. raja or dioraj can toy with the warbird easily. just be more strategic.


If you use that dino you support it because it’s broken. My raja and montri/ can win if things go the way they should but there is no stopping a good mono who gets luckey and evades 5/7 shots which is the norm. I am a 4400 player never paid for anything including my brother started week 3. We play a complete different dino set and both are just drained with this position. He has raptor speed/damage immune to all with evade. Yes he dies easily if you get lucky, I don’t hit 50% sure doesn’t seem like it.

you are tacitly that admitting your horse inhales, however.

We’re goin too far with the horse :joy:
I’m assuming you mean I admitted to their claim of the high-horsing?

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i guess whatever works. i feel like raja and dio are two of the worst counters. everything they can do is nullified and they are distracted. monomimus is immune to distracting, etc.

I am a 4400 at my high lvs never paid or vip,same as my brother. Both play different dino sets. It’s isn’t you can’t win vs mono it is just it shouldn’t be an uphill battle vs a lower lv that has no good
counter. I don’t not expect to lose games when I am ahead one or two Dino’s based off luck, nothing in this game is worse then missing 5 shoots in arrow to evade even when having a nolifier who gets kakakd and even when lands does half dmg.

it works though lol im usually the last one standing

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I prefer Raja to Dio, but Dio is alright.
My 4 Raja v Mono matchups (against 4 dif opp) went the same way today. Evade-shield, Nul Imp-Crit Str (they expected Inst Inv?), Distract-Inst Inv, then blah blah blah continued until my Raja stood victorious with 600-900 HP left and Inst Inv ready to go if the next creature isn’t Nul or Shattering

i can see that. i feel like most people’s mistake with monomimus is using evade before distracting. i usually distract, null impact, then evade if i can’t kill the other dino with the next hit. or vs like stegodeus evade on the 2nd turn for the rampage.


Yea, when the first opp did it I was like “ok, maybe it was a mistake.”
But then the others did it as well, and it left me a bit confused. I’ve never used Mono so I thought I was missing something.

Continuing the discussion from Monomimius:

This, if evade is first my raja handles same as my tri but the way you play you don’t need to evade until you have already wrecked me. It becomes a coin toss I seem to lose way more often then 50% even with 3 plus lvs

It’s what Mono is designed to do, provide a great chance of doing its damage without being hit. I can see why you’re unhappy when facing it but there’s really nothing to be gained by quitting or complaining. One day Ludia may nerf it, they may not. It’s one creature that can easily be left off your opponent’s 4-draw. My advice:
Deal with it when you need to and if you can. Rejoice when you beat it, and laugh if off if you lose.

I agree my raja, my unique bird, monotri handle their own, but there is a reason season 1 winner said this is the worst dino to see, and after season 2 it wasn’t changed. I should never go from two up to losing to this even with counters based off luck. You can counter as hard as you want but it is faster then everything countering it with the best moveset in the game.