Monomimus art issue

Look at monomimus 's profile picture. Doesnt it look odd. In its crest it looks like somebody scratched over it with a red marker. This looks like there was a great artist who drew this image and when he was finishinf and filling in the crest he got tired,gave the image and a red board marker to his 9 y.o son and told him to fill the crest. It bothers me everytime i look at it. Once i saw it i couldnt unsee it

actually think it’s based on this… Real bird (cassowary)


Which is a pretty cool bird…

I believe the red you see is the blood and anger of all those dead Dino’s belonging to the nerf herders of Ludia’s forums??? Just a guess. :smirk:

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I know this bird and its pretty cool. I know monomimus is based on this guy too. My issue is not the crest. My issue is the coloration of it. Back of it is so consistantly bright red in contrast to the rest of it whic is a darker red and has more shadowing. The darker part looks realistic and cool but the bright part isnt

Now I can’t unsee it either. Thank you.

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Replace it with my terrible cartoon and you’ll see the original as a master piece again. IMG_20181023_120439
P. S no I wasn’t the person asked to finish the original.

You know actually that is the issue. The art is beautiful. One of the most realistic profile pics in the game except that scratched area on the crest. Otherwise the shadows and the coloration is done perfectly. If the entire image was bad i wouldnt be mad. Look ar gorgosuchus for example. Its art is in such a weird angle that it looks like the dino kills other dinos by stabbing them with its nose. The art is a masterpiece that is ruined by the scratch and thats why this bothers me

I had a little fiddle. Textured and blended the crest a bit. mini

Honestly I much rather they fix the battle strike.

Agreed. This is the least of the concerns with the game. I made a post about VIP being messed up yesterday and it was fixed in about 2 hours. Because that’s their money. Yet we still have bugs from the soft launch that haven’t been fixed :unamused:

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i agree with this too. im not saying this is the biggest problem or anything. its just something that bothered me. also this version is much better for example