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Monomimus bug?

Hi all. I love this dino and use it now, cause it’s fun haha, but it’s strange. I used his distracting strike and then distraction rampage on a trykosaur, he use instant invincibility after the rampage attack, he did his counter attack to me that logic, but not zero damage. Normally, if you use two distracting moves in a row on same dino it’s zero damage, distracting strike reduce attack for two turns, so it’s a bug?


Hey there, @Dimi, I’m not 100% certain but it’s possible that your opponent’s Trykosaurus caused Distracting Strike’s effect to wear off by using Instant Invincibility. Similar to how you can wipe the effects of your opponent’s Instant Distraction by using your own Instant distraction (and going 2nd, e.g. in a Trykosaurus VS Trykosaurus scenario)

That said, if you’d like our team to take a closer look at things on their end then please don’t hesitate to contact them at, making sure to include your support key in the email so that they can locate you faster in their system. Thanks!

Oki, I will see in other battles thank’s.

But normally instant invincibility avoid only damages, not the effect like distraction, stun etc. And i didn’t use priority move. I need opinions of others ppl, but this dino is not really use nowadays haha

-Mono Distracting Strike
-Tryko returns a 1/2 damage counter and 1/2 damage regular attack (1st distracted turn)
-Tryko Invincibility (2nd distracted turn of DS)
-Mono Rampages into the shield (applying new distraction)
-Tryko, clear of first distraction, delivers distracted (only from Rampage) counter

Oki i understand then now, thanks!

Monomimus is faster so its priority moves go first. That way effect of ID is off after Tryko first turn. Zero damage would be if Tryko would use Invincibility against Distracting Rampage then you would use ID.