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Alright. I’m sick of ludia nerfing monomimus into the ground! And buffing procerathomimus to the clouds! This constantly happens, and monomimus was a great attacker, ludia snatches monomimuses stuff away one by one. But not anymore! I will stand up to the nerfs, if they want me to stop using monomimus? WELL TOUGH LUDIA! I WILL NEVER! But I would like a group. Let’s all team up, and together, get monomimus the buff it deserves… @Ludia_Developers, take notes. Along with all of you admins! And Mods! And supports! Monomimus needs a BUFF, no nerfs. Just a buff. Monomimus isn’t op, and won’t become op with a buff, it needs to be GOOD. Now, we will get monomimus the buff it deserved since 1.6!


  • Hell Yea!!!
  • I’m fine with leaving this poor dinosaur that’s hard to get as a stepping stone for it’s even harder to get unique

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Oh you moved my post to suggestions eh? Well, this is a PETITION. Suggestions are usually ignored. Move it to general discussion!

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As I said earlier Monomimus deserves a buff


I, honestly never cared about Monomimus.


Never had a use for Monomimus on my team. So I approach this thread with a great resounding indifference.

I’m for Monomimus!. But I’m also for Wrathomimus getting nerfed into relevancy, I don’t like it being overpowered and I would hate it to be underpowered!


Good for you. You may be of the minor 5%

Monomimus was the Procerathomimus of the past but got nerf’d to death.


I don’t get much monolophosaur. i had to make a choice of monostego or monomin. I went with monosteg. However, Monominimus has the potential to be a good dino. I have no idea why Ludia keeps giving her the nerf hammer. I’d like her to be comparable to yoshi, if not, then at least bring her stats up some.


Granted I would like to see monomimus be somewhat evenly match to its predecessor Mexichicken


Come on guys it looks awesome, it walks awesome it is awesome.


Yeah, I’ll agree with that. She is pretty. I’m down for a buff for her. Maybe make her more of a glass-cannon with higher power and speed but super poor life? Idk.

I kinda wanna see a tanky…uhh…gallimimus-saurid (Idk what they’re called don’t yell at me) like one that can take a bunch of hits and has average/above average power and low speed. It probably doesn’t make sense but to me on paper it sounds interesting.


she reminds me of a cassowary somewhat.

Beautiful birds. Are somewhat aggressive and have a nasty kick.
I’d say 1300-1400 attack. Not sure on health. It should come up a bit. And based off her frame, she should get a bump up in speed. 129 or 130.


Hmm, I like it. So they need to add Saltosaurus, and then make a hybrid with Orithimimus. This also helps because then people would split their Orithimimus DNA!.

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You got the Brown Chick, Blue Chicken (Loosey Goosey), Red Chicken and Green Chicken


So we need a yellow one at least.

There is this guy but I think it’s more of a turkey. It’s more plump for eatin’.


Ludiots dont even know how ridiculous they look by nerfing monoMEME to death over and over when proceRAToMEME is way way a bigger problem.
Lets remind monoMEME was nerfed on 1st place cus he was too hard to deal with+ great atack and apeed, whell we have the exact same problem now with proceRAT but he is way stronger then monoMEME was ever before
Good job Ludiots

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Same exact thing for me and monosteg was the answer. Since monosteg isn’t on my team I started working on monomi and now working on Vexus.

On topic, okay. I like Monomimus waaaaay more than proceRAT. Monomimus didn’t need an hp nerf again. Considering that they have an op green chicken rat mascot running around. Monomimus is way harder to level and maintain. Doesn’t add up Ludia. I’m all for rarities making impacts but this epics procerat has too much of an impact. When it’s basically like monomi before the big RIP nerf.

Different rarities can have impacts as a utility not an impact to have chances at sweeping an entire team of uniques. That is what I call a boost mascot.