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Monomimus Defence Squad

I’m with others in this thread in saying I couldn’t care less. Monomimus’s only purpose for existing for me is food for Vexus.

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alot of dinos are definitely stepping on monomimus’s feet. it deserves respect.


^ this guy gets it! Monomimus is more of a “Monomime" right now, show it some respect already. Also who cares if it has a hybrid? The more good Dino’s there are, the more variance we have in the arenas, Wich should be good for everyone (including Ludias wallet). I know people use Boosted maxed out Trex (point being Rex has four hybrids and still pretty viable), so at least make Monomimus something that is not a flat out failure.


Definitely is turkey. That is not an Ornithomimid at all. I personally think Ostrich mimics need to have Imunity to be cool but I’m not sure.

I just noticed, they have colors that match their rarity.

I miss the good old times when its speed was 129 :older_man:t2: #jesuismonomimus


I guess what I mean is what’s the point of having a lower rarity epic procerat being a tyrant. When a tougher creature to obtain yet in a way similar creature just keeps being nerfed.

It actually doesn’t make any sense. The least they could do is make monomi a little better than the easier to maintain proceRAT after its nerfed. Its straight up used to get players spending. Both rats purposes are used in very low arena so its global spending.

I’m an estimator, that’s my profession all I do is try to make more $. I am not blinded by the tactics. The rat and procerat are cash cows, so don’t feel bad knowing procerat is better.


Monomimus is very good now given the buff from last patch. Plus now a 75% chance of dodge this chicken should be king. He can bring down thorado, erliko, indoraptor even if it successfully dodges. Just have to buff it to great speed then should be in your valuable team squad!


So am I wrong in thinking that the more good Dino’s there are the more people will spend? I think if people have fun with a lot of different Dino’s then they will want to spend more to level them all up.

Well maybe, but ludia nerfed it’s attack to 1130… it used to be like 1330… losing 200 attack hurts. Because it was a great glass cannon. For all of you saying it’s food for vexus, imo, ALL LEGENDARIES SHOULD BE GOOD! Not op, just good enough to be usable. Legends should not be weak stepping stones for uniques. It’s a shame really, because monomimus isn’t the only current “stepping stone” that looks cool. We have spinonyx, ankyntrosaurus, which make 2 powerful uniques. Pterovexus is pretty good now, but all I want now is monomimus to be buffed because pterovexus is really hard to get. Monopholosaurus is an epic in L3 And darwinopterus is a daily epic. Gallimimus isn’t safe either, sure it’s requestable and is on events sometimes, but naturally it’s locked up in Jurassic ruins.


I’d love another ornithomimus hybrid. You see, before 1.6, I loved seeing them. It’s blue, sleek design was a pleasant sight and I knew it would get a hybrid. I thought that hybrid would look even sleeker with that blue look from ornitho. Little did I know…


Yes all rarities should be slightly better going up. I think if they just gave legendary like a % more base stats from an epic, and unique a bigger % more than a legendary we would be happy. So like an epic tank woul have 5500 base hp, a legendary tank would have a 5800 hp, floor a unique would have a minimum of 6000 hp. now obviously the stats could vary, but they would just have a minimum/maximum stat total.

Maybe change the distracting rampage to nullifying rampage. Add 200 extra to its attack and give it back the 129 speed.

My idea of a rework is

3150 Health
1330 Attack
129 Speed

Nullifying Impact/Rampage
Distracting Rampage/Impact
Evasive Stance
Swap In Dodge

Boom. Monomimus is relevant again.


Monomimus was the greatest calamity of the first JW era. It’s had its day sadly. Although it’s been taken to the extreme and it should be restored to former glory a little. It was the bane of my life. :joy:

Long Dodge is also an option, in place of Evasive Stance. Lasts for 1 less turn, but has a 100% dodge chance.


Yes that’s beautiful! I think the stats are great, but the moves are perfect!!

Although I never used Monomimus, I wouldn’t mind it getting a buff.


Monomimus has Been on my team for the longest time and I don’t plan on changing that. Procearatho’s stat and move difference is insane for an epic, compared to a legendary who is definitely harder to get. So what I’m saying is treat Procearatho like an epic and monomimus like a legendary!


I would like to join the monomimus defense Squad!