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Monomimus Defence Squad

Yes I must become part of the monomimus defence sqaud.


Yes, a fellow ally resistance, cheers mate. This helps both of our resistance grow.


Exactly like this shouldn’t be possible

Even when monomimus was in its op stage back in the day it was never this bad like this is just pure bs on ludias part


Yes please. ProceWrathomimus needs a stat rebalance so shes a relevant epic, not an Op Unique-ish hybrid. But yes the important thing is MONOMIMUS NEEDS BUFFED!

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My idea is

Hp 3270
At 1350
Sp 129

Nullifying Strike
Distracting impact
Nullifying ramage
Evasive Stance
Swap in Distraction

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Honestly really well thought out it can be a great against indo and chompers but still be weak to tanks and faster speedsters unlike procRAT over here who is all well you get 0 damage and you get 0 damage and everyone gets 0 damage

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Yup, that’s what I was hoping for. I couldn’t make up my mind on the SI and finally went with distraction, I hate SI Dodge.

Let my try might hand at this


Speed: 129
Attack: 1,450
Health: 3,250

Move set: Cautious strike deal 1x damage increase speed for one turn, 75% to dodge for one turn.

Distracting impact: deal 1.5x damage, opponents damage is reduced by 50% for two turns. Cooldown 2

Nullify rampage: deal 2x damage, remove positivite affects

Evasive stance: priority, gain 75% chance to dodge 66% of opponents attack for 3 turns

Swap In Distraction

What’s with the damage stat?

I like it! I think Cautious strike is OP rn, and I think it will get nerfed to something weak.

Lol whoops it’s meant to be 1,450

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Well if you take the cleansing off and make it only speed up for one turn then it’s pretty good not great but good

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I thought so.

I’m not sure I would take cleaning off, but it needs something taken.

The thing is it’s only on indo gen 2 right now and the only reason it basically can’t be defeated is because it always clears and dodge no mater what and even if you or after or you. An nullify it it just gonna do it again so taking cleansing off helps it a lot since it it hoes for mutual fury then it open since it can’t do anything and the enemy can

Any back on topic if it just dodge and lowered attack then it be fine

While we’re talking about Monomimus; I’d love for it to get another hybrid (or not even Monomimus, i’d like any Gallimimisaurid to get one). Maybe fused with a Stegosaurid or Anklyosaurid to make a bulky Gallimimisaurid (I still don’t know what they’re called :sweat_smile:). Idk honestly, but a tanky Monomimus-type dinosaur sounds really interesting to me.


Well there was an armord Sauropod that I was called Saltasaurus that if they added and then fused with Orithimimus I think it could be awesome.

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That’d be really cool! :smiley:

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