Monomimus Evasion vs Indominus Cloak


Just wondering if the Invincibility Emu dodge is suffering from a bug of some sort?
Indominus cloak is supposed to have the exact same 50% dodge chance as I-Emu evasion, yet its common to see I-Emu dodge 5, 6 even 7 times straight, yet Indominus gets hit so often…is this really working as intended?

Perhaps there is some bug in the background that is causing the 50% dodge to become additive, and causing 100% dodge for several turns?
Like if the dev team happened to have recycled the code/algorithm used for the damage reduction function (you know, where your damage is nerfed by 50%, then nerfed in half again and then you do zero damage)?

Like I have faced MANY Indominus and I-Emu in my time playing, and id say the Indom cloak dodges more like 1/3rd of the time, if not less (I’m not just talking about my Indom, but the opponent as well) yet I-Emu its more like 90%?

Could a bug be at work here?


My Monomimo doesn’t dodge… It almost never works! :sob: I refuse to make stats also for this, so I just say random numbers… Mine dodges like 1 in 3 if I am lucky.
I really want to see the opponent’s face when I put in battle my monomimo and I don’t use the evasion ability… Like but you know what to do with her don’t you? :crazy_face:


Now that I finally have my I-Emu and have been using it a lot, its not seeming to dodge all that often, haven’t had a single time where I dodged more than twice in a row, and DEF not 6 in a row!