Monomimus got slightly stats buff


hp+70 atk+55
A Monomimus must got hp-2751 atk-964 at lv21 before ver.1.4.

Now you can see that stats slightly changed.
I noticed this, just because my Monomimus didn’t punch atk 1000 line at lv21 before update.
But now it arrived there.


That’s great!

Thank goodness I didn’t use yet my monolofosauro’s dna for Monostegotopo, I was waiting the new update to see if it is better for Monomimo. :star_struck:

Ah, ps for y’all, before asking what is the dot on the top left of the screenshot, it is an ES Files Explorer quick launch button.


Nope, looks like a spoofer co trolled to me, and I have ES file explorer on my phone.


If I click that “spoofer button you said”, will only pop out a list like this.
Please tell me how could I use these things to spoof.

ES File Explorer itself, FB messanger, Chrome, youtube…
Good tools for cheating, isn’t it?

Please stop that false accusation.:rage:


Don’t wanna said similar things again and again.

I am from Taiwan, so my cell phone got all Chinese UI.
If there’s anything you can’t read, please let me know.