Monomimus is now trash!

you are welcome man.

Yep. You can tell that they figured this out by the huge beat down they gave uniques in the last patch /s

I would have been happier if they would have just removed his evasion. I loved using him as a fast nullifier and immune debuffer. I only used evasion when he had enough hps to be one shotted.

But hes not trash, he just isnt a good at almost anytime dino… hes a good finisher when you already have an advantage. He is terrible to start witb… but mid to late game he can still be quite effective if piloted properly, my level 18 killed a 21 and 22 indo yesterday and completely destroyed a team today.


This game completely caters to the f2p players who whine about everything. They spend no money yet cause more changes to happen than anyone who pays because everything is “unfair” in their eyes.


Well you have to figure the player base that pays to win makes up a small percentage. So p2w tops all tournaments and gets all this high dinos and prizes. It is a few game with micro transactions, the majority of the player base needs to feel that Ludia cares about them too.

Monomimus is still a great creature, it’s move set is great and with immunity to bleeds it’s a god send!

Also since 1.5 launches it does seem to dodge more like 50 / 50 now, which makes me think that I was indeed correct when I said that the evasion was bugged and operating higher than 50%.

It’s not garbage, it’s balanced now.

Still helping me win matches to this day.

I did remove Indominus though as I kinda want to DeRNG my team as much as possible, but I can’t lose Indoraptor as it’s too good!

Just don’t depend on dodging all the time and you won’t be disappointed with Monomimus, only use it as a last resort and dish out as much damage as possible.

Don’t use evasion as a crutch and you will still love Invincibility Emu!

I still use 22 Monomimus, depend more on RNG (evasive) as it can’t take as many hits, but RNG works as it should and mono is immune. I also use 22 Monostegotops (nullifying tank) and I Rex (tanky attacker, immune, cloak). All have a role and fulfill it well.

That said, it’s difficult for me to get more uniques with DNA more of a problem than coins… so I have a place for all those dinos. Later this will change (I have about 4,700 trophies right now).

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If you don’t evade, doesn’t it become dino roadkill? XD

Still lose plenty of matches due to opponent monom evading all my shots & putting big dent in my team when luck of draw gives me no nullifiers in the 4