Monomimus, making battles not fun

Absolutely a ridiculous dodging ability. I know I’ll lose one dino against it or enough DNA that will make the one I’m using worthless to continue fighting next round every time I run into it. But to lose two dinos without even touching that skin dodo bird is beyond annoying specially with it being 4 and 5 levels lower than what I’m using… SMH


get a nullifier, or better yet, get a monomimus.

these are your options, choose one.

or two!

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I got a Monomimus, lv26.

Today I send her out in arena battle, opponent choose lv30 Stegodeus.

I used evasive, Monomimus not dodge and hit by Stegodeus.
I used distracting, Monomimus not dodge again and hit by Stegodeus.
I used nullifying, Monomimus not dodge in the third time and hit by Stegodeus, now it dead.

Wow, that’s an opponent not even have any nullify ability.

Yes, Monomimus make battle not fun.:roll_eyes:
Almost a free kill for opponent lol.


Well minus your level being much higher then mine I’m sure with all or most your dinos. I wish I could go up against your mono every time. :wink::+1:t2:

What you have one and you don’t think they are fun! Must be playing a different game. Sure dodge rocks but countered very easily with nullify if your not taking that into account when choosing your 8 can see why it wouldn’t be fun but as Akuma from street fighter says a warrior enters the arena with all his powers in check!

I will agree with OP. The overwhelming majority of battles where I face a monomimus (and I don’t have a nullifier Dino) the evasive stance works 100%. Can Ludia at least change it to a cloak so I don’t feel so ripped off?!?!

Well said. Couldn’t hv said it better myself

Look the ability is 50% dodge. Clearly it’s the RNG code that is making 5% crit happens often and turning 50% dodge to 100% or 0% in most cases if u r the one using it.

So it’s not the skill that is the issue it’s the programming

50% is 100% 50% of the time and 0% the other 50% of the time, that’s correct.

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Monomimus is countered with null or armor.

As a mathematics person (and partially OCD) can you change it at least to 33% or 66% considering it’s for three turns? That way we can actually verify it if works as much as it says.

I don’t know what you are talking about his dodge works :100:

Facepalm worthy comments

I’m glad that now you see it that way too. Hopefully now we won’t see any more of those from you.

Each creature is with its counter. Switch to creature with the nullifier ability and “problem” solved. Not a big deal.

Hahahaha. U do tell great joke. What’s your full time occupation? I hazard a guess… comedian?

I’m sad to say you’re as bad at guesses as you are at humor and understanding game mechanics =(

I made no jokes and I’m a scientist.

Oh I just realized I just went down to your level. I sincerely apologize

No problem, you are mistaken anyways. Not possible to go down and end up higher than you were.

This is getting old. Thx for the laughs. Cya