Monomimus might be annoyance, but Monostegotops is absolute pure beast

even L20 Monostegotops can reck your L30 Indoraptor in most basic way with >Slow>Stun>Whatever>end which one of these turn would be Critical by 20%

after reached the Lockwood, I’ve seen less Monomimus in arena but facing more Monostegotops, yeah, she’s not a big deal, just throw in Indoraptor or Immunity dino to kick it out. Unfortunately, most of my battle end up with my loss from Monostegotops which so unexpected. I’ve tried to debuff everything to her, even can killed her sometimes but ended up she could weaken my strongest to get blow by other

kinda regret that benching her till now.

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I don’t use my Monostega coz the stun always fails and not gunna waste Stegocera DNA on it! Or Mono!

even fail with stun she still hit with almost 15xx which kinda hard without armor or protection. not to mention how easily to get critical one :tired_face:

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Good points, but I found Suchatator filled the role just as good with its nulling and bleeds not to mention it’s instant crippling!

And it doesn’t have to worry about RNG as it doesn’t stun!

Oh and it’s easy to get DNA for since my local is infested with Suchumimus and always getting Irritator DNA in incubators!


Yeah, I was getting a lot of monostego today, especially getting closer to sorna marshes. They were 20 or maybe a little higher. Annoying, but I managed to knock one down before it could swap out. Bet that really ruined my opponent’s day.

Lot of paramoloch out there too. They’re easier to knock out, but their owners love to swap out right at the last second.

My ankylocodon took down an Irex all by itself. Proud of the little cockroach. It deserves to level up to 19, once i manage to get the coin.


My T-rex has dropped Monostego multiple times with just one attack. I guess it’s a decent dino versus certain dinos. I’ll never have enough Mono DNA to make one since I’m using it for Monomimus, so I’ll never get to try Monostego.

Unless monostego gets the stun my dilorano always beats it.

You should at least unlock it for collection sake :slight_smile:️, I don’t use mine though lol. Rather use the stegocera on itself :sunglasses:

I don’t ever see mono DNA so I haven’t got monomimus or monosteg. I just leveled my stegaceratops to level 20 though.

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I just leveled my Stegocera to 30 tonight, so I could definitely spare the DNA from it now. But Mono is so rare that I have to use it wisely. I spend a lot of time in that zone every week and barely ever see Mono.

monomimus is miles ahead of monostego. i can never get enough gallimumus DNA and have like 3K monolophosaurus, so i level them both. 24 monomimus puts in work. i’ll take immunity, speed, distracting over 33% stun and deceleration (that monomimus doesn’t need). monostego is 21, ideally would be 23-24.

and it’s still a chess match with an indoraptor. far from a guaranteed victory.

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Well yeah in that case definitely use it on Monomimus lol

it’s just nice to have at least 2 nullify dinos with all the indoraptors, IREX, monomimus, etc. running around. monomimus is a given. monostego can actually hang and fight. tany can be killed easily. suchotator is not really a problem, at least until they actually nerf superiority strike.

I have both and can definitely say that Monomimus can survive longer. Immunity, speed, and evasive (when it works) go a long way. Monostego can be slowed and stunned, but he does have armor and higher crit. Learn to love them both, especially since they can nullify anything.

My monostegops is 25 since months cause im saving the mono dna for monomimus, and isnt that great, posibly i will kick him from my team when i unlock next unique

Just use a bleeder, spinotasuchus works wonders on it, and it puts major pressure on the opponent to either let it die or swap, which can be easily punished.