Monomimus mirror match

Is there a secret to this or does it just come down to button mashing and connection speed? It’s been a nightmare the past few times it’s happened with my 19 mono. I even mistakenly hit evade a few times :man_facepalming:

Do what no one would expect. Or swap to another team member.

I can give my suggestion on my lev 17 monomimo mirror match:


1x 838
1.5x 1257

So if you use the two 1.5x attacks, other monomimo is dead (2514 dmg vs 2321 hp). I am the one that usually spam the buttons while facing the same dino :sweat_smile: but I realize now, while writing, that we need to start with Nullifying Impact, in case the opponent would use Evasive Stance. Then you can see, if the opponent will take his time to make the first move, you can assume he will do it also for the second and, if he didn’t choose evasive as first move, you can assume he will choose it now, so go for the basic Nullifying Strike but I prefer to go for Distracting Impact and hope the opponent won’t dodge, then spam NS before the third attack…

Argh, mirror matches are just painful!!

I’m pretty sure I’ve won every Monomimus Mirror Match Alliteration :sunglasses:
But mostly because mine is 1-4 levels higher than the other one ^^ (lvl 22)

A Stegodeus mirror match on the other hand is a pain in the a. for me :sweat_smile: