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Monomimus needs a buff


I think monomimus needs a buff because it’s so useless now, speed is now 127 and the health is about to be 2100, I think it would better for monomimus to have gall’s speed and have the health to be 3000, identical to it’s mono’s parent, think about procerathomimus on the other hand, about to have 3000 health and the speed of that thing is 131, I know before the 1.5 update monomimus was so good, but then again it’s not gonna be like 1.4 monomimus. To balance these two out I think it would be better to be like this:
Nullifying strike
distracting impact
Instant distraction
evasive stance
swap in nullify
2700 health
1400 attack
0 armor
5 crit
131 speed
Nullifying strike
Evasive stance
Distracting rampage
Impact and run
3000 health
1300 attack
0 armor
10 crit
130 speed
Swap in nullify
I think pterovexus is alright and can stay where it is.


Monomimus is ded, ded, ded. Making anyone who leveled her (myself included) regretful and weary of doing so with anyone else. Yes, she was overpowered for her day, but there are so many counters to her in 1.7 they could put her back and she’d be middle of the pack again.



What’s this Monomimus that you speak of?

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It doesn’t make any sense for Monomimus to get a nerf and Proceratomimus to get a buff… Procera now will be even better than Mono was in the previous nerf!


Pretty sure monomimus was nerfed beyond oblivion, what you’re asking for is a return to its former glory


You joking right?

After 1.7 update, this unique bird is still garbage. The swapin evasive doesn’t really help. The health and attack are too low. I seriously don’t understand why ludia bothered to give us two trash unique birds and most players don’t even use them. Ludia, make the unique birds great please!

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Dracoceratops users:


Well hey, it has the stats of Darwin and the moves are really good if you ask me, especially the immunity which is really really good, Pterovexus stats are better than monomimus. Pterovexus is really good, it’s just that people underestimate it.

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smh your kidding me right?


monomimus will be a terror in the low and mid arenas watch.


Ludia “oh you want a buff for monomimus? Just pay for stat boost. Have fun$$$… I mean ‘have fun!!!’”

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Monomimus is atoning for her sins. Ludia says she ain’t done yet.


Procera is way better than Mono now. Kinda sad, but it is what it is


Don’t worry proceratho will get it’s dues and receive a massive nerf and then a unique lol

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:sob:what did you say about my procera

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All hail MEGA Becky!

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Got my pro to 20 when they created it and it will stay there. Not gonna take anything past level 20. Done it 3 times now: monomimus, stegodeus, & utasinoraptor. 2 have been good so far but I bet stegodeus gets a unique. Utarinex sucks so I’m still winning with utasinoraptor.

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Stegodeus will not get a unique unless Ludia changes things. It’s already a superhybrid (a hybrid of a hybrid).

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I’ve never paid attention. I just assumed that any Dino can evolve to the next tier with the other ingredients given everything is at proper levels. Well this is good news, no dna wasted lol thanks for the tip.

So none of nodopatosaurus hybrids will evolve? Guess that explains why the newest longneck gets to go unique instead of the others.