Monomimus nerf

This Dino needs to be nerfed it’s too OP


Like always, you have to try anticipate his actions, with an immune dinosaur or nullify’s attack, have your own monomimus could be great also haha, but it’s true, this dinosaur is able to hurt bad all dinosaurs you can put in front of him.


I was wondering when this post would appear :joy:. It seems every good dinosaur gets a post calling for it to be weakened.


Find a counter, the game is balanced. Theres a counter for every dino.


Didn’t it already get nerfed? Mine’s weak at the level it’s at and hasn’t been on my team for at least a week or two.



Put Tany on your team if you’re having trouble facing Monomimus, it’s faster and a global common spawn so there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t have plenty of DNA for it. Plus it’s one of the Halloween event dinosaurs. It has a big base attack and it can nullify Mono’s evasive.


Dang, you beat me to it @Hersh ! Hold on…is this a new “nerf mono” thread, or one of the 19,000 old ones?

Honestly, I’d be more worried about Indo now because by the end of the week everyone will have one, yet no one cries “nerf Indo!” Mono is one of the best Indo counters out there. Better level yours up now ahead of the Indo Infestation that’s coming!


Democracy says no…

Most of us have learned to deal with Indo by now. Many haven’t learned how to deal with Monomimus yet. I’m wondering how long it takes until someone calls for a Alankylosaurus nerf ^^

wait, @Dalek62771,
where’s your pet?

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Easy… use Mono to counter Mono.

Fortunately mine is Level 22, which is higher than most that I’m facing. I hope that doesn’t change any time soon :sweat_smile:

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Haha me either, because I should get up to lvl22 soon if the biologists manage to get 20 dna per fuse.

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As much as I hate the bin chicken,nothing should be nerfed. Buff potentially counters. For instance magna and pyrritator. Give magna 129 speed, all of a sudden it breaks the speed tie and can nullify mono. If pyrritator gets 130 speed it will outspeed mono giving a chance to hit before being distracted. With the difficulty to make magna it should be better.

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Ankylocodon is my “pet”, if that’s what you meant. I don’t have, nor do I want Alanky. And if you meant “NerfRaptor Ludiensis”, that particular joke had its 15 minutes of fame already. It’s not funny anymore.

Ankylocodon? Seriously?


So when is Ludia going to add thumbs down in the chat, so we can thumb daown whiners like this. Djeeezz… everything needs to be nerfed by these whiners.

Say what you will, but Anky has served me quite well so far. I think in a lot of ways, she’s better than postimetrodon.

I just got spinotahraptor, so once it’s levelled up more, I might add it to my roster. If it turns out to be better than Anky, then I’ll probably replace her. Or not, as I like having a little immune tanky tank-buster on my team.

Oh, and I do recognize sarcasm. It’s my second language, after all. Not that it fazes me or anything, I was just saying I recognized your attempt at sarcasm up there. Good try.

use stegodeus / tryklosaurus pls, or switch in megalosuchus / rajakylo in the battle

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