Monomimus nerf

Give me some savagery! muhahahaha ^^

How about not. Deliberately trying to push my buttons doesn’t usually go the way people think it will go for them.

I’m not going to comment any further.

Thanks for taking an interest, though…

Learn to have 2 to 3 nullify Dino on your team so you always have an option to deal with abilities which can be easily nullified

Just kidding, I’m a actually peaceful person. Mostly ^^
Happy Halloween and stuff :wink:

Yeah. You too… and stuff. I actually have to work tonight, and was hoping that I would get lucky and not have to go in, but… life.

Well, maybe that gives you a opportunity to catch something nice.

I really doubt it. We’ve got flood advisories out for my city, and up to 2 inches of rain is expected. That’s probably going to mean that people will be doing the really weird thing of going out to eat, when common sense tells us to stay out of the rain. At home.

People here are weird.

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I don’t like it when the game changes the dinosaur stats because my aim is to use my collected DNA to create the most powerful beasts and balance my team. When I get slaughtered in battle,
I think: “I want one of those!” We already can’t control the stun, cloak/evasive stance timings- need some predictably. Thanks!

People everywhere are weird. The more people are living in one place, the weirder they get.
There are simply too many people. I’m a cynic in that regard.

I’m agoraphobic. I hate crowds, I hate being in crowds, and I especially hate working in the food service industry for that reason. But, it’s the only job I have right now, so… Holiday anxiety attacks, here I come…

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if ludia nerf monominus, then a bundle of people will cry out for nerfing utarinex and dilracheirus.

Please nerf all the dinosaur

I want any Dino nerfed that beats my Dino’s. I prefer that I only go up against Pidgeys from now on. :bird:

I’m working in the spirits department of a grocery store. They’ve built some kind of wall of sweets around my department. It’s getting very annoying to move and to do some work. And stupid people everywhere.
Someone once said ‘The most stupid person there is is a customer’
Somehow it’s true

I wish ppl would quit asking for nerfs and go collect DNA to upgrade their own!! We have had plenty enough events to make one and up it​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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No it’s not. It’s nullify strike has a cooldown. So if your use it at wrong moment your screwed.

The customer isn’t always right. 90% of the time, the customer’s always an A$$ Hat.