Monomimus or monostego as of now

Alright so I’ve been doing alright without either of the monos on my team. But I have them after all and they both seem to still be very popular, so I would like to know which one u folks like more and if u would comment as to why you favor one over the other that would be awesome! Just wanna know where everybody currently stands with the new meta and whether or not I should start using one or the other or even both!

  • Monostegotops
  • Monomimus
  • Both

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Depends on the playstyle. Do you want a dodgy raptor with immunity or a tank with high damage output?

I personally like Monomimus more, because she has a more engaging playstyle that can adapt well given how the situation goes, opposed to Monostegotops’ slowing - stunning - nullifying impact chain that 99% of times is the order to the point I could beat Monostegotopses as Indoraptor because players just mash that combo without even thinking about whether or not that is the ideal order in said situation.

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Monostego hands down the devil chicken is more like roast chicken these days. That HP too runty to capitalise on the dodge


Still kept both on my team. The benefits of immunity, speed, and evasive still outweigh the big health nerf.

There are immune creature like Indo or tryostonix that do huge damage and don’t rely on enemy not having nullify to kill opponent Dino’s. It’s damage is too mediocre looking at competition in immune category. I think of them as drac g2 bait anyone that power levels their drac g2 can one shot monomim before it gets to dodge lol

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Swapped mine for Magna after hard thinking. I decided if I’m gonna have a runt on the team at least it will look purdy!

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