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Monomimus or Pterovexus Pro and Contra

Which one is worth leveling up or creating? Mono can be slowed but has defensiv and offense skills. Vexus is a swap in bleeder. Is anyone of them endgame?

Vexus, great swap in dino especially agaist big CHUNGUS ( Max, dio, tryko)

Vexus is one of my personal endgame dinos, I think its added bulk over Monomimus makes it an excellent counter to most tanks. It’s also the only bleeder on my team. If only Ludia hadn’t nerfed Nullifying Impact (intentional or not) it would be even better.

Vexus is better. People were hyped about monomimus when the 2.0 notes dropped but its not useful late game. The meta is revolves around resilient and high HP fierce creatures so Vexus’ ability to bleed, immunity to slows, and overall flexability make it way better than Monomimus right now.