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Monomimus shalt be reborn yet again

Veterans around here should have experienced with Chad Monomimus before it got hit by the series of Nerf-Trains. Yup, compared to pre-nerf Monomimus, this current Monomimus is quite weak and seems unable to dodge regularly. But guess what? It gets one of the most useful Swap in Ability as compensation! rejoice, Swap in Dodge!

Swap in Dodge will guarantee your Monomimus won’t die after it was deployed to the kill zone. Thoradolosaur’s going to smash your unlucky dinosaur to dead because he’s slower with Instant Charge? Afraid Not, Swap in Monomimus to take those pesky move and distracts it next turn!

Not only that, here is the list of Monomimus usage that I’ve found

  • Dracoceratops Bait
  • Thoradolosaur Counter (require to be faster than speed boosted Thor and some luck)
  • Pseudo Swap in invincibility creature with only 1 turn locked down. (and Defense Shattering can’t hurt it!)
  • Speed boost Monomimus can’t be slowed and stunned. It can just come out to eat a wasted big hit from opponent and jump-kick it back to the ground.

Monomimus Rules that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Monomimus will die in 1 turn if it got hit.
  2. Health boosts won’t help, it’s gonna die in 1 turn anyway.
  3. Speed is the most cherished things of Monomimus, without it, it’s totally trash as it can’t rise it own speed like Erlidominus.
  4. Swap in Dodge locks it down only 1 turn.
  5. Don’t face up with Diorajasaur if you can’t guarantee to kill it in 1 turn, that thing can counter through evasive stance.
  6. Health Boost isn’t really efficient as Monomimus’ based health point is hopeless.
  7. The most important thing to keep in your mind, ‘never expect Monomimus will turn the table for you’, just using it to troll enemy with Swap in Dodge and enjoy the sound of gnashing the teeth from them.

Monomimus might be the weakest creature in your team due to it has super low average health point. but if you can trade Monomimus with thier strongest creature or force your opponent reveal their sneaky Dracoceratops in return I don’t think it’s actually a bad idea. As long as it still can dodge the hit, it will survive to mess up enemies continually.


That’s actually pretty smart…

I actually think swap in dodge is huge. I don’t have it myself but if more people experiment with it, I think it could potentially be good. Especially it has turn 1 distracting impact. It doesn’t need to rely on instant distraction like Procer needs to.

So monomimus swaps in to my thor dodges my attack. And unless your monomimus is over 180 speed I kill it next turn anyways

I think this kind of discussion shouldn’t take boost into account anyway, nothing can be discussed when we assume the opponent’s boosted Dino one shot everything.

that’s a very useful info you give there. Thanks!

actually is damage what Monomimus lacks … it can’t take down a dino alone

Actually monomimus can run a team.

It’s health isn’t that bad (compared to others)
It’s attack is relatively strong

It has been a main stay on my team.

After boosts came out it is one of the only Dino’s I’ve boosted on all categories because it’s been nerfed on all categories.


Was wondering how long it would take people to realise monomimus was back.


I put all my boosts into Monomimus (as a stupid silent protest) and it’s a monster; back to its glory days. Of course, dodge needs to hold up at least once, but I often win if I get it in the line up

It sure is smart…my Minomimus is lvl 20 and just benchwarming atm, would give her a purpose again