Monomimus still worth it?


now that I‘m going to collect enough Gallimimus DNA I‘m very unsure whether she‘s still worth it after the update.
I‘m in lower Sorna Marshes and have something about 300 Monolophosaurus DNA.

But I don‘t know whether I should go to start fusing Monomismus or rather develop Monostegotops. :confused:
I read that Monomismus is practically useless now due to bad health but I also think if so many people are conplaining Ludia might buff them again.

Monostego is pretty strong now, I’d suggest going for that. My monomimmus is 19 so I’m just going to hold off and see if they make a unique for it eventually.

The Evasive on Monomimus is usually amazing. I’ve won games just with it before. The Nerf just reduces his playability by about one turn (depends on the enemy Dino’s attack obviously). You just need to decide if you want a consistent, but small, damage buffer (armor) or a possible damage negator (Evasive).

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I would say it is at least worth it to get Invincibility Qail (Previously Invincibility Emu) to level 20 in case it gets a unique in the future, which im betting it probably will!

Mine is at level 20 ready for 21 but im saving the DNA just in case, plus I have started to De-RNG my battle team by removing Mono and Indom, so no need to rush a level for me personally!

Though to be fair, Mono is still good with its immunity and great moves even post-nerf!


It needs to dodge now to be usuful. Before you could: Distract them (1.5), evade then, Nullify (1.5) and if your lucky hit with Distract again (1.5) and maybe more. But minimum 3xdamage with chance for more now it’s 3xdamage max or 1.5 damage with chance at more and that’s just not acceptable. Monosteg got a buff so it’s probably the way to go now. I wouldn’t go with Monomin in the hopes of a unique personally.
I really wish they had buffed it’s damage rather than its health. :frowning:

It still dodges everything I throw at it. In fact, battles haven’t changed at the 4100-4400 trophy level for me. Everyone still using RNGsauruses and Tragod. I’m more bored with battling now than I was pre 1.5. I haven’t even bothered to fill my incubator slots.

So far Monomimus was possibly the best legendary of the game and even better than many unic. For me it was better with level 19 than other legendary ones in level 21 or 22. Now it has become a common legendary. Now he has concrete strengths and accused weaknesses. It will leave my team and, since it is very difficult to evolve because the DNA of Monolophosauro (at least until now) is very difficult to obtain, it may never come back. I will not miss it either because it will surely come out of most teams and was a very annoying opponent. Of course, now I would like to have never created it and now have a Monostegotops of 20 that would be very useful, but I have simply done the right thing with the existing information at all times.

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It’s just as annoying. I really was ridiculous before. with distracting and evasive stance if you were delt a bad and didn’ have a perfect counter for it you were just praying to hit through the evasive … You just need to pray a bit less not. Before, it would sometimes take 3 shots to get it down and with evasive stance that could be 5+ swings at it. Considering the dameage it did and impossible to distract, I think it is much more reasonable now.

Just faced a level 24 and it took 1 1/2 dinos to get it down. So it is still good.

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thank you for all your comments. I‘ve been thinking a while and decided to create the chick only for my collection and hope that it‘ll get some HP back.

Due to the upcoming tournament I‘m going to only battle for my incubators so I don‘t mind if my Monostegotops is underlevelled with only lvl 16 lol.

I‘m a collector and wanted this chick so bad. So, I‘m hoping for more 20 and 30 fusions and with some luck I‘ll have her soon and begin upgratins my Monostegotops.

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