Monomimus strategy

So I finally got Monomimus :grin:. My question is with evasive stance. Where do you use it? Do your rely on the 50% chance to dodge as part of your strategy? I hope to level it up a bit more after the event this weekend to help with the hp, but I’m really not sure where to use it. First in battle, or not? Any additional suggestions on my team would also be appreciated.

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Usually I start with distracting rampage (whatever it’s called) and cop a hit (half damage) then whip out the evasive stance Mono doesn’t have a lot of health so relying on evasive stance can be risky. Then it’s 1.5 nullify and your back to DR again before having to use the 1xdamage nullify.
Obviously it depends on the opponent but this is a nice base to work from.


Also depend your opponent, if is one with immune then distracting is useless…

Normally, if I’m up against another Monomimus with my own Mono (it happens), I will most likely not use evasive stance because they can always nullify me so I’m essentially wasting a turn. I will always use distracting as a start and as soon as they evade I will nullify impact them.

If I’m facing a different dino, then depending on the level of the dino and type, I will still usually use distracting first and then evade.

still, 1.5 damage will be dealt.

You need to change the strategy based on the opponent. Evasive is just a move that can’t be used every single fight. This reminds me when Indominus Rex was brand new and cloak… cloak everywhere.
For monomino these are the things I keep in my mind when chosing the attack
Evasive is my first choice, when I face tanks with superiority strike (seen that they will use it for sure as first attack), then I usually go with Distracting and then Nullifying
I choose Distracting with raptors or other speedy dinos (gorgosuco for example) cause distracting lasts for 2 turns so that I can use null as second attack to remove the buff.
But mostly I go to feel the moment and cross the finger :sweat_smile:


90% of the time I don’t bother evading and go straight for the damage since my Uninvincibility Emu seems to have forgotten how to dodge…

In my case popping evasion is wasting a turn!


I have been using evasive stance as a last chance before I die lately and it’s working well. I killed one dino and they brought out a level 20 raptor so I did evasive and actually dodged the pounce! That felt awesome.

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It’s very situational on when to use evasive stance. You need to know what you are up against and adjust your attacking strategy accordingly.

That said, evasive stance can be a ‘Hail Mary’ just like Cloak.

I’ve never met a monomimus I could kill. Just fought a level 16, and it took a SINGLE hit while dispatching my level 15 Alanqa, level 19 Einiasuchus, and level 19 Stegoceratops. That equates to what, probably a 88% dodge-rate? Seems best-case is just spam it if you’re not fighting a nullifier.

RNG with Monomimus is kinda weird… I’ve noticed that if you miss the first attack, she will go on a steak of consecutive dodges. If you hit her, she’s a sitting duck…

Depends on what your up against I always dodge first if opponent doesn’t have nullifier out cause the devil chicken is more like dodge chicken ROFL. Gotta maximise that damage negation! Without it the devil chicken won’t last long! One of lowest health pool legendary with average damage means you need at least 3-4 hits to kill things but can only take average of 2 hits so unless you attempt to dodge your missing out on ability to trade effectively(unless switching in to revenge kill!) be prepared for it to fail completely sometimes but succeed amazingly other times and on average make him annoying to deal with forcing your opponent to make mistakes because of their annoyance at the devil chicken dance.

Hope you not in sorna marshes i can’t handle another one of them pesky things

Something with immunity and armor would be the best counter. Ankylocodon is the only dino like that.

Not anymore :). Just hit ruins but have been bouncing back and forth between the 2.

I see them alot in the 3700 mark of sorna and becoming anoyance but will be putting him in my team if i manage to get him just hate facing them

If you can try and field a couple of nullifiers it really helps. Even Tany can take it down. Just don’t use nullify on the first turn or they will anticipate it. I have Monostego, Monomimus, and Suchotator on my team just to deal with the Irex, Monomimus, and Indoraptors. I’m waiting on the update to level Tany, but he’ll be my next project.

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I got monostego but seems like he can do it all and still takes out most my team

I had one dodge EVERY turn the other night. It will happen, but once you learn the good counters it gets easier.

Yh just need work on my team and get some more immunes like tryostonix he look a quality dino to have aswell as the not immune rajanky i will unlock this weekend