Monomimus typo

It says 50% chance of dodge instead of 75%.


Yes, this is a typo.

But the correct is not 75%, it’s 25% for me.:roll_eyes:
And always become 0% when my Monomimus will been 1 hit KO by opponent if it doesn’t dodge.:smiley:


The amount of times that my mono does dodge is far from 75%: feels more like 25-50 %. I had more hits on him than dodges.

Mine dodges alot… So I’m happy with that lol

I had the bin chicken dodge 6 times in a match today. In the same match indo dodged twice. So that was fun. Record 8 dodges against me. Sad part is I still almost won.

Wait till you meet a lvl 26 bin chicken. I fought one yesterday. Evaded 5 times but luckily I crit it on the 6th attempt.

Ugh, I actually prefer seeing Indo. Way more counters than the dodging chicken.

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My monomimus dodges about 75% of the time, and has way too much HP for a creature of it’s size and level.

Yes it’s all luck, my opponent recenlty dodge 3 times, and another time 0, so pray !

Do you think God answers such prayers?!!

Ssshhhhhhh :shushing_face: lets keep that to ourselves, friend


You’re very fortunate! Mine only dodges 10% of the time and has terrible HP. I hope they do something to fix this.

Mine doesn’t dodge all, and sometimes even loses points when giving out attacks.

I don’t think it really needs any changing to it’s stats or move set tho… I’m fine with this terrible Dino just as is :blush: :wink::wink:


So it’s actually 75%? I always thought it was 50%. Mine only dodges maybe 20% anyway so. :rofl:

Hey mikelb55, the Evasive Stance ability for Monomimus should be working as intended. It’s a priority move and Monomimus gains 50% chance to Dodge direct damage for 3 turns.


It does work as intended, @ned, what they’re trying to say, in an eloquent manner, is that their opponents’ Monos evade very frequently…

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Mine evades 75% when I have full health, and only 10% when I really need it the most.

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Nope it’s actually only 50% really

New record for me. My latest opponent’s monomimus dodged 8 times. Was 1-0 up and ended up losing 3-1. My last dino was my monomimus and it took two hits for two even after the so-called evasive stance. Lol.

seems like every opponent i get, gets dodge and stun more than the percentages for the attacks. yet, i use a 75 percent chance of either, and i get maybe one out of 10 times.

Just seems strange.