Monomimus vs proceratomimus

I’m pretty sure I speak for at least 1 person when I say that monomimus needs a buff so that it isn’t proceratomimus. The problem is that I have no idea what to improve.
What should we improve about monomimus?

  • Attack
  • Speed
  • Health
  • Crit
  • Armor
  • Move set(please specify)

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Attack, health and speed should all be rised. Here’s how I’d balance their stats.

Monomimus: 3200 Health, 1500 Attack, 129 Speed
Procerathomimus: 3500 Health, 1400 Attack, 130 Speed

This way, monomimus is the more offensive one, while procerathomimus is more bulky. They share a similar speed. This is more balanced.


Get rid of distracting strike

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Need an option to choose all. Monomimus has lower attack than both its parents, and as low health as galli. It’s speed is also the slowest of it’s 2 parents, it should easily be 129 or even 130 if procerat gets 131. It’s kit isn’t too bad, mainly it needs the stats buffed. Maybe a first turn multiplier move, such as nullifying impact (in place of distract strike) and then it could gain evasive strike or distraction instead of nullifying strike.

I’d say damage buff to 1380 at least (like monoloph), and health to 3000 at least. Speed to 129 or 130, since galli has 130.

Meanwhile procerat needs a nerf to 1500 damage, 2800 health, and 129/130 speed (based on it’s heritage), and a slight moveset nerf at least.

In my opinion monomimus should be even stronger than I proposed, and procerat even weaker, but this is to keep them in line with ancestry.


It needs a buff and promimus needs a nerf. I think with all the changes Monomim should go back to its pre nerf glory

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Given those current stats, the biggest problem here is that the damage is pathetic. For the stats i would give the old ones back: 1400 damage, 129 speed. Hp is fine imo.
As for the kit, I’m not really disatisfied with It, it’s good. However, I did see some people say they liked the double impact kit. The current kit seems to fit the parents better, but a first turn impact would be nice. Could be distraction, null impact and distracting rampage or null strike, distracting impact and distracting rampage for exemple.

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Agreed on monomimus. On yoshi’s case i think 1500 damage and 3000 hp is enough of a nerf. Speed should remain the same. For the moveset, i think it’s fine, though It would be interesting If It got evasive impact instead of evasive stance. Would make mono and procera more different from each other.

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nerf monomimus


OMG stop trying to nerf monomimus!

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Hey pal, it’s my opinion. No need to get mad at me.


But it doesn’t need a nerf. You even said it was trash, and you want it to be worse? Seriously? Procera should be nerfed,

Here’s a good version of Unomimus.

Health 3280
Attack 1340
Speed 1330

Definite Strike
Distracting Impact
Nullifying Rampage
Long Dodge

Swap in distraction
On Escape Evasive Strike

Edit, lost some Attack.


I think Armour-piercing on Monomimus might be too much.
I think limiting its potential moveset to Evasion, Distraction, Nullification and Run moves is reasonable.


Well, it is basically a trash bag compared to other legendaries cough cough phorasaura monominus is an old legendary.

That’s tyrant worthy…

And I love it!

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Also Phorusaura is OP. Dont compare

Yeeks!.. You think it’s that good?!! I was trying to make it realistic…

Seems more like middle or low apex to me

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Attack: 10
Speed: 101

Swap in non existant dodge

Jk, this is what I think would be good

Speed: 129
Attack: 1300
Health: 3390

Null strike
Distracting impact
Evasive stance
Impact and run

1390 Health! No man, that’s crazy low. The lowest current hp is 2700.