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"Monomimus Week!"

I’m a fan of this dino, and I kind of feel it’s the unofficial mascot of L3. I’m also trying to get ahead of all the nerf talk that’s bound to take place as well.

It’s a good utility dino that everyone needs to realize they can benefit from having on their teams. Take this week as your opportunity to create one, level yours up and try it out on your team. You will see that instead of using 2 or 3 dinos to evade, or distract, or nullify you can just use this one and free up a spot on your team for a true OP beast. She is not the best at anything, but she will make your team better! Tired of facing Indo evading everything? Bring out Monomimus! Tired of being stunned all the time? Bring out Monomimus! Tired of invincibility? Bring out Monomimus! Tired of Monomimus? Bring out Monomimus! She does it all!

Get yours while the getting is good, because I’m sure there will be many who want to take your new Monomimus away from you. Then we can all say together, it was good while it lasted.


I have one, I just cannot level her up at the moment. :frowning: So she’s stuck at level 16. lol

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Not after this week. 48 attempts at galli Monday and Tuesday. 6 for mono this weekend.

Well said!

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You’ll never see this thing on my team. I can’t stand it lol. That 30 is leftover from the last creation-fuse, never powered it up.

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Man, what are you waiting for? Yours would be a beast and you could terrorize the arena yourself! I’ve never had that much monolop DNA at once.
edit: just noticed your level…but still!


I just used a couple hundred to get Monostego to L25 earlier today, and that’s the only place Monolopho dna goes lol. I’m probably gonna start stockpiling now, in case of future hybrids.
Monomimus is not my style.


Or…the only powerful hybrid available for L3, but not other local group players.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Although they could have Mangapyrri, Diloracheri, Utari/Utahsino, Allosino, Dioraja/Rajakylo, Tryko… etc.


That is such an excellent point!! So many nerf it posts (basically two running consecutively right now), and all the posters are most likely not L3 residents. Lol!!! Seriously! Never thought about that until now. No wonder there is so much hate.

But they do basically give it away every other week. Where us poor L3 folk don’t so much get handed the dna we can’t aqcuired.

I say we poll for a nerf everything “but” monomimus!!!


I want that litle. She beautiful and deadly. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You get it from legendary incu right?

Although it is possible, it is not likely to ever happen from an incubator. You can get one by catching galliimimus today and tomorrow, and fusing it with monolophosaurus the will be available this weekend at event drops.

I ask to Velocity bro. :thinking::thinking:
And yes i can hunt galili and mono this weeks. But 1000 mono with 6 attempt. And gali 10000 dn with 48 attemp, i don’t think it posible. Haha

Don’t get your hopes too high… They’ve drastically reduced green supply drops… In about an hour and a half of grinding, I only came across 3 Gallimimus…

Yeah i seen it today. Some of green change to original orange.

I’m at around 3200 trophies, and I can’t wait to see how Monomimus can help on my team! I’m only 30 DNA short of creating it, and I already have a good Monolophosaurus DNA stock, so I’m gonna hunt for Gallimimus tomorrow!

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You know galli out out today, right? @AFXPokeben

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It’s my profile picture :grinning::smiley:

How many bloody topics are there about the monomimus! I think the amount says something about this dino. Its the new stegodeus

I wanted to create a pro-Monomimus thread for a change. The rest are nerf threads.