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Monomopterus 🔮


i really hope this is not the name but atleast you can say you mopped the floor with the enemy lol.

which moveset do you foresee in the crystal ball for this new unique?

here are their stats. id love to hear your ideas!!


plus immunity


Swap in evasive bleed)


Nullifying Strike
Distracting Impact
Evasive Stance

SIA Bleed

with 129 speed, the health of darwin and a little less attack than monomimus


this could happen. its common for only one move to be taken from the lesser ingredients.

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It could also get the sia from Darwin though. However someone did bring up that since it’s immune it wouldn’t be affect by the 2 turn bound effect.


hard to see it get siw but that would be pretty sweet. i think it needs a distracting rampage too.


my guess.

distracting rampage
evasive stance
nullyfying impact

swap in wound

no immunity unless it doesnt have an sia


They could make the bound effect of sia bypass immunity lol. Also there’s no basic attack in your guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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sounds like a decent counter to indo and erlid. then buff magna a bit to counter it.

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honestly i think it should have nullyfying impact also. because of dmg output compared to mimus. especially if its less dmg then mimus. to me that justifies distracting rampage and nullyfying impact.


my final guess:

distracting rampage
evasive stance
nullyfying impact
nullyfying strike


129 speed
1200 damage
3200 hp


I’m confused because 5 moves, take out cleansing impact since it already has immunity :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise looks good.

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oops lol. its tough with a cooldown of 2 on the distracting move to only give it nullyfying strike and swoop.

especially when others can deal 6x damage before leaving.


That’s really all you need though. Swap in to get the 25% bleed from sia, then first 2 turns are distracting and evasive, whichever the player wants first, then swoop to bleed and run.


if only it could get lethal wound


the thing is, i doubt itll get an sia and be immune.


actually i thought there was something when we were first introduced to binding that said even immune dinos with SIA will still have to suffer being bound… because they did it to themselves rather than a negative effect being done to them. That’s what I remember at least.


i would love to see that definition if you can find it. any thoughts on the kit for this beast?


Found it.

Swap abilities prevent the creature from swapping for one or two turns, this is called binding (a creature is said to be “Bound”). Note that this special type of Swap Prevention occurs even if the creature is Immune, since this is self-inflicted. However, this negative effect can be cleansed through the usual means.

Edited to add: I have thoughts on what the kit might contain but can’t outright say. I’d prefer to wait for the final release notes.


thankyou very much!! and not fair!! lol.

i havent checked metahub yet but since this is the topic now i wanted to see if you have an article explaining how movesets are chosen with hybrids and what moves are possible to be added? if not, that would be an interesting read.

edit: a quick search didnt show any articles on this.