Monorhino disparity

I know this have been brought up in other posts, but wanted an someone like @Ned to say whether it’s the text that’s wrong or the moveset:

Current moveset has distraction AND distraction impact, but no nullifying move.

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Hey Somedinoguy, do you have a screenshot of the moveset?

Ya know I’m noticing something strange here.
Monorhino has distraction but is meant to have null strike.

Scaphotator has null strike but is meant to have distraction…
Something has gone on here
Is this right @Ned

Hey Tuophysis, regarding Scaphotator,

Hey @Ned, sadly I have exactly 0 rhino DNA so no, I don’t have it’s moveset yet. If you’d kindly donate enough, I’d be glad to! :wink:

Was going off of the field guide: Monolomentrodon is better than Monorhino

But, that does open up the possibility that maybe it’s the Field Guide that is incorrect… @MattEllis ?

I’m on the same boat with you regarding rhino DNA :sweat_smile:. I believe it’s supposed to have Nullifying Strike? I’ll ask our team about this.

Field guide info should be straight from the code and that shows:


Oh I thought it said distraction. Sorry my bad :sweat_smile:

Confirmed with the team that it’s Distraction. The information on the update notes will be updated. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Somedinoguy, As @Piere87 mentioned, I used the moves directly from the code to update JWA Field Guide. Lots of times, the Release Notes are incorrect or just leave out certain information. The code never lies though!!


Hey @Ned! Do you use JWA Field Guide? If not, I highly recommend it :wink:


Since the stats from the field guide are correct, this thing really needs a buff, hp is worse than rhino and damage worse than monolo. I suggest something like this:
4800-5000 hp
1200 damage
Definite rampage instead of impact

Hey @Ned, could you let the team know?

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This would be a perfect buff and it make worth that unique stats cause we don’t need another stygidaryx in the game. And sure it would have the attack or like slowing abilities as many other uniques but it be a really good one with an awesome design @Ned you really should suggest this to the team

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Thanks for checking! Sad to know this guy won’t be a viable Indo counter tho :crying_cat_face:

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I’ll let them know your feedback. :slight_smile: