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Monorhino or mono

Mono seems very good in battle but rhino only seems good in swap in besides that he only does shield and impact but mono can do more than that I have my mono at level 20
And rhino at 11

  • Rhino
  • Mono

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Monolorhino just sucks. No regrets about doing this!

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I have to disagree. The only advantage monolometrodon has is the availability of its components.


NO, its just better in general

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How. Monolorhino has that best swap-in in the game, good bulk and a great kit. And, if you look at the top 10 teams, monolorhino is on 8 while metrodon is on 0. Also, monolometrodon has awful turn 3, and that’s why people are dropping it


Distracting Impact is amazing. This thing took down Ardentismaximas before 2.1, and it is the perfect counter for pretty much anything. But it does have a weakness: It has no damage dodging moves like dodge, shield, or armor. Erlidominus is probably the best counter for it.

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First of all, No. Second of all, how is it the perfect counter to everything? Throw in any faster cunning and it goes down. I can tell you from experience that in RELU tournament, it was good, but not required like monolorhino. The reason why people use mags mostly is due to the turn 3. It’s basically a sitting duck


Rhino has a lot of counters but I can’t find many counters for mono so should I?
Rhino I feel like it’s just swap in but I have Draco which most of the time it’s better unless there is a raptor mono is fast and strong and health wise it’s quite OK
What do your think

MRhino is basically just a better DC, unless you have it lvled and boosted. Top teams have it max boosted. Any MRhino I saw in Library and Gyro was a free kill for me. Rhino is exclusive so MRhino is hard to lvl and also many players rather boost other team creatures.

Agree, Monolometro is budget Magna with bad third turn option.

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Rhino’s better.

Monomet isn’t a serious enough threat to anything that outspeeds it and/or can take and dish out a lot of punishment. And given it’s lack of armor, this basically means if it manages to survive one turn, it’s definitely dead on the next, unless you’re willing to sacrifice something else to a potentially big hit. Even then, you’re probably just delaying the inevitable.

Rhino’s kit, on the other hand, gives it more versatility, and makes it more dangerous. It can stun the heavy hitting tanky Diorajasaurs and Trykosaurs, completely destroys Thylocotator, shield itself from all non-DS or Fierce attacks, can distract Fierce creatures and remove their CRIT chance, and can just as easily be swapped out if it survives two rounds thanks to it’s complete resistance to Swap Prevention.

I’ve honestly had a harder time dealing with Rhino than it’s legendary ingredient, and I think I run with a pretty damn good team.

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This is my team so far I need creature level 22 for campaign my rhino is only at 11

I dropped it because of Turn 3.
You can try to save it for later, but it is usually too squishy or under attacked to survive.
Rhino can be used well… whenever.
Rhino will be added to my team next seasonal if the reward is good.
Until then it gets built as my #1 priority in dry dock.

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Even at 25, it’s still something to fear. It’s bulkier than my monostego at 29. It still does well in gyro

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Lets do it like this


Awesome Swap In
Super Bulky
Great versatility
Good for raids in a pinch
Shields for stalling

Not a great 1v1’er and is locked into 1 after swap in


Can 1v1 most things slower than it
Also rather versatile
Can function as a fierce and resilient counter bringing down the likes of Thor and Tryko

One of the worst T3’s in the entire game
Gets DESTROYED by just about anything faster than it
Only damage mitigation is distracting impact


Well, rhino isn’t really supposed to be a creature that stands it’s ground like tryko or maxima. It swaps in, either finishes something or puts a dent in something else, and then swaps back into the weak creature that was out before it

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i did monolemetrodon and crushed the campaign you are on and the one after

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I have carbo to be my tank is that good?