Monostegatops and Monomimus

Hey everyone!
I just lucked up and was able to get 250 monolophosaurus dna. My issue is this:

I have a level 20 monomimus and was wondering if after the patch it was worth powering it up more.


Since I do not have a monosteg and have an abundance of steg dna if I should go about beginning to create monosteg.

I’m open minded about either idea, just wanted to see what would be the wisest choice.

Thanks all in advance for the comments!

Don’t get Mimus, its pretty useless now unless you want to try your luck with evasive.

Mimus’s role has changed but it isnt useless. It went from a rock solid “anytime, anywhere” play to a top end closer. You could lead with Mimus before or mid game or close and be safe but now… If youre 2-2 and you play Mimus shes tough to overcome. Her spd and immunity + atk mean shes still a force


if a low level monostego wont help your team right now, save the mono dna. just stack it untill you have enough to make a viable stego. maybe by that time, 1.6 will roll out a mimus hybrid and your mimus will be ready for it at level 20.