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Monostegatops or Stegod

I was wondering what to do with my stegosaurus DNA just sitting. I was plannin on doin stegoceratops, but Metahub seems to be really critical about the monostegatops health nerf. So wat yall guys think? I am currently level 10 and in Lockdown arena (And just saying, stegoceratops are coming tomorrow and sunday)

  • Stegoceratops
  • Stegodeus

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The answer is Monosteg…kind



Oops well I voted stegod. Honestly I use both. Monosteg lvl 19 stegod lvl 20. Stegod is a solid tank and dmg consumer while dealing out decent damage. Unless you have tryko or some other big tank. Monosteg losing some health is critical but its moves can make up for it.


The health nerf to monostego isn’t exactly a nerf since health was originally buffed in the 1.5 update. Monostego is still very relevant given her movesets and higher damage output over Stegod.