Monostego and Quetzorion

A couple of beasts!!

Not sure what the deal is, but I have climbed 200 trophies since the update. Of course, matchmaking could be at play… I benched my L30 Indo for L22 quetzo, and dropped L29DC for L30 ankylocodon (rarity difference?).

Is Anklyocodon good? I haven’t ever used it but I know some people do.

I also probably misspelled it’s name but you get my meaning.

I love the dumb thing. I boosted the crap out of mine. It’s armor and immunity, plus only one turn cool down on slowing make it a great utarinex and diloroach counter.

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I like it for it’s looks and appreciate anything with immunity. I’m glad that it works well for you too.

Plus now that DC is only rampage, not DSR, it is even better - with its armor and shield up, tough little bug!

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